5 reasons to choose porcelain tableware for your restaurant

Ghisa è innovazione e qualità Made in Italy

Nowadays, even the most skeptical and traditionalist chefs have realized that it is not only the taste of the food served that wins customers in their restaurant, but also – and most importantly, we would add – how it is presented. We don’t need data, studies and researches to corroborate a fact: the watering and appetite arise from the sight even before the smell and taste of the dish in front of us. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect tableware for a beautiful table and perfect food preparation, restaurateurs are faced with an infinite number of materials and styles to choose from, but one evergreen material, capable of surprising every time in its innovation, is porcelain. And it not only wins the hearts of customers with its irresistible beauty, but also restaurant and bar owners, thanks to useful advantages that make it an ideal investment. 

È il processo di produzione a fare la differenza tra un articolo di porcellana eccellente e uno mediocre

It is the manufacturing process that makes the difference between an excellent porcelain item and a mediocre one

5 reasons to choose porcelain at the table and in the kitchen

Porcelain tableware is always appreciated by Ho.Re.Ca. professionals because it is durable, versatile and aesthetically valuable

Porcelain differs from other ceramics such as clay, terracotta and stoneware in its finer composition and typical whiteness, which makes it shiny and bright. Composed of kaolin, quartz and feldspar, it is a material native to the earth, which MPS Porcellane workers skillfully process through manual and computerized production steps and either a 1300°C firing with a 20-hour cycle or a 900°C double firing with a 16-hour cycle for the end result of a smooth, glassy product. It is the firing and manufacturing process that brings to life the main advantages of porcelain that make it the ideal material for caterers. 

1. The strength of porcelain tableware

Porcelain is a tableware material known for its durability. Due to firing at high temperatures, it is able to withstand some conditions that would otherwise cause damage to other materials. The mechanical strength of our products after firing is 550-600 kg/cm2, with a hardness of 7/8 Mohs. Quality porcelain products, such as MPS products, do not chip easily

2. Porcelain for professionals: from the oven to the freezer

Firing at high temperatures ensures unparalleled resistance to breaking and chipping, and not only that, MPS porcelain dishes can also be used safely in the oven and microwave. Porcelain dishware and accessories are also suitable for storing food in the freezer, after proper cooling. In fact, our items are resistant to thermal shock up to 250°C.

3. Ease of cleaning for porcelain items

Another useful aspect of porcelain tableware is that they are naturally nonstick items, so they are easy to clean and dry. Unlike other materials, which absorb fats and oils, MPS porcelain is nonporous, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.01%, which also means you can count on products that do not alter the flavors and aromas of prepared food. They can also be put in the dishwasher without risk of cracking and breaking, making them easier for restaurateurs to use. 

Ghisa è innovazione e qualità Made in Italy

Ghisa is innovation and quality Made in Italy

4. Porcelain keeping up with the times

Porcelain is extremely versatile: although it has been used since time immemorial, it is always able to give an extra touch to any presentation, in all contexts. From our know-how and its meeting with the ever-changing flow of an ever-evolving sector like Ho.Re.Ca., contemporary lines like Ghisa and Gastronorm Induction were born. Baking dishes, round and oval plates, frying pans, salad bowls and casseroles out of the usual patterns that speak only of “fine white porcelain”: the black cast iron finish revolutionizes the table of the most fashionable restaurants, in an elegant and never predictable way.

Strength and beauty embrace in a blend of traditional reinterpretation of a classic, for stunning presentations for every occasion. Not only practicality and functionality, but also cooking efficiency: induction is the future of waste-free cooking, and along with porcelain, it is also becoming aesthetic. The application of induction technology to Gastronorm containers facilitates the work of chefs, who can create their dishes with greater efficiency, without neglecting the harmony of a presentation that can count on elegant baking dishes in classic black or white colors or bright hues. 

5. Endless options

Porcelain tableware is a great purchase for restaurateurs because it offers a wide range of options in sizes, colors and shapes. MPS Porcelain offers over 30 product lines with more than 1,000 shapes to meet every chef’s tastes, preferences and needs. From baking dishes to specific items for every type of courses, including modern finger food.

There is also no shortage of cups for serving delicious tea and coffee, practical trays, and innovations such as the Clever line, for presenting practical and delicious single-serving portions. Among the favorites of professionals is the Gastronorm Gourmet line, an indispensable ally of chefs: baking dishes that not only respect the dimensions of the standard system, for easier use in any oven and container, but are also perfect for enriching both the kitchen and a table presentation with color. In fact, they are available in multiple colorings, full color, or outside, for an original touch to any dish. Traditional foods, such as lasagna or macaroni and cheese, are enhanced by white or accompanied in surprising combinations of yellow, green, and blue.

È il processo di produzione a fare la differenza tra un articolo di porcellana eccellente e uno mediocre

Gourmet Gastronorm line items are durable and perfect for all kinds of presentations

The perfect porcelain tableware, always

MPS porcelain items are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. The quality of our production is guaranteed by constant controls and ICQ certification for food contact. The renewed demand for product supplies from our partners is a confirmation that testifies to the excellence of items that not only reflect the built-in advantages of porcelain, but also amplify them, thanks to new and improved solutions.

What makes porcelain truly durable and so versatile is the technique of creation and workmanship, a process that combines preparation and experience in a blend of craftsmanship and creative inspiration that has distinguished Manifattura Porcellane Saronno for more than 30 years, along with the dynamism that allows us to innovate and renew this age-old material. What’s more, porcelain for the kitchen and tables of the best restaurants is eco-friendly, not only because it is durable, thus reducing waste, but also because as a company we adopt manufacturing processes that minimize our impact on the environment. In short, MPS porcelain tableware is the ideal choice for a perfect solution for every occasion.