Manifattura Porcellane Saronno (MPS) since 1987 produces in Italy a wide range of porcelain articles (more than a thousand shapes) for professional and home use. MPS is a dynamic company that, thanks to an advanced method of production and stock requirements, can supply just-in-time orders and custom design articles.

Manifattura Porcellane Saronno is a company with lots of experience and know-how, which has made the constant search for quality its method of work.

Since 1987, MPS has always managed to evolve in line with market demands, and is a supplier of excellence. The abiding set of products in the MPS catalogue, gives customers the ability to stock up in time, according to their needs. MPS maintains direct contacts with customers, offering advice, customization and innovation. MPS answers are prompt and reliable.

MPS knows well the restoration business and knows how to anticipate the needs of its customers, so that it is a point of refenrence in its field. Each line MPS is a starting point for the creativity of chefs and may be expanded to meet the most diverse needs. MPS combines functionality, elegance and strength in each item.

Articles in porcelain for professional and home use of MPS are made with a mixture of feldspatic porcelain composed of top quality feldspar, quartz and kaolin, from LIMOGES. The glazed cover is free of lead and cadmium. MPS porcelains are subject to regular analytical checks and are certified for fitness for contact with food from ICQ, one of the most important institutions for certification of products currently on the market.

MPS products are suitable for oven, microwave and dishwasher. After cooling, they can also be used for storage of food in the freezer. They are resistant to thermal shock up to 250 degrees Celsius and have a mechanical strength equal to 550-600 kg/cm2, a mohs hardness of 7 / 8 and a water absorption less than 0.01%. Each piece is partially handmade and may therefore possess minor imperfections.

The process includes an automated press-molding, a manual casting, a single firing at 1300 degrees Celsius or double-firing at 900 degrees Celsius and a final manual selection and packaging. The lay-out of production process is designed to follow a linear sequence of different stages of production. Each phase is examined daily by skilled operators to ensure immediate action in case of need. Industrial and manual processes coexist during the production phase.

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