Artists in the kitchen: discover the Handpainted line

The lines of porcelain products of MPS Porcellane are born from a specific and accurate study of the needs of our customers. The design of our articles is always functional and the product delivered is without imperfections, if not those, reduced and that do not compromise the efficiency, resulting from manual production.

In the production of our porcelain, however, we are always guided by our hearts and by the passion we have for our work, which has involved us for over 30 years, when our company was founded. Ours is a form of art, perhaps less showy than paintings and sculptures, but it can be appreciated by those who use it as a starting point to create something new, a presentation that must leave its mark.

Finiture artistiche, immaginazione protagonista

Artistic details, imagination protagonist

The art of MPS Porcellane

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” – Picasso. 

Since 1987, we have continued to create, with an open mind and an innovative approach, to achieve excellence in the constant pursuit of quality and precision. Our porcelain items are the result of a consolidated manufacturing process, which includes a computerized press-molding, a manual casting, a single firing at 1300 degrees centigrade or a double firing at 900 degrees centigrade and, finally, a final selection with packaging. The layout of the production cycle is designed to follow a linear sequence of different production phases. 

Industrial and manual processes coexist during the production phase: the entire process is constantly controlled to ensure immediate intervention in case of need. In every gesture of our operators you can find the passion for a job that sounds like craftsmanship: each product is unique, not only because it is the result of a manual manufacturing and finishing process, but also because it is created with the user in mind. This is one of the main factors that we always consider when we study and realize our porcelain products.

The philosophy of a functional art inspires and guides us every day: we pay attention and anticipate the needs of professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector to start a path of creation that leads us to realize the functional aesthetics of every single porcelain item that goes to make up our product lines, more than 30 in total. It is not only about efficiency and rationality: success cannot be achieved without experimenting and without a touch of “madness”. It is with this spirit of initiative that our most original and unique line was born: Handpainted.

Quando arte e funzionalità si fondono, ecco Handpainted

When art and functionality are combined, here it comes Handpainted

Artistic aspirations: the Handpainted line

Art is something that fascinates everyone, in whatever of its forms. And there are many expressions of it: for us it is every single gesture, movement and action that leads to the creation of a new porcelain baking dish, stand, cup, casserole or new porcelain accessory. We never get tired of admiring each tableware item we produce and keep imagining how it will be used by our customers: what color will contrast the bright white of Gastronorm basic and what combination will see the light on the 4 sections plate of Complementi Line?

What if the expressivity of top chefs was served on unique porcelain items that could highlight every shade of color? What if there were an even more precious and customizable setting for each course? Here it is: Handpainted, a tribute to the art of craftsmanship, when each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

Basic lines leave the scene to the protagonist: color. Brushstrokes of green, red, gray, beige and brown, but not only. The square plate becomes a stage for courses with harmonious flavors and the touch of symmetrical color creates a game of combinations to be respected, in classic presentations, or destroyed, for a modern dish of contemporary art. A painting easily imaginable in the most avant-garde exhibitions.

Imagine the deepest space in the deep oval plate or in the plain salad bowl: planets of delicacies compose hand-painted galaxies, with the inspiration of stars of the philosophy of quality. The buffet tray accompanies fruit, sweets or savory in a journey of genius towards the increasingly demanding requests of consumers, who are looking for an experience to live and not just food to taste. The creativity of professional chefs becomes a whole with the ability of our operators to create a palette of colors, ready to be completed.

Be inspired by buffet tray, Handpainted line

The quality of MPS porcelain is confirmed in art

The quality of our porcelain is also guaranteed for Handpainted pieces: suitable for the oven, microwave and dishwasher. After cooling, they can also be used to preserve food in the freezer and resist thermal shock up to 250 degrees centigrade. The colors and pigments used are compatible with all regulations for food use, and the glaze is lead- and cadmium-free in accordance with the legal limits set by European Directive 84/500/EEC and subsequent updates. MPS porcelain is also subject to continuous analytical controls and its suitability for contact with food is guaranteed by certification from ICQ, one of the most important product certification institutes currently on the market. 

All porcelain tableware from the Handpainted line is available in multiple colors and on request, with a minimum order of 24 pieces per decoration or item and delivery in 15 days from order confirmation. 

In the design of functionality and quality, the space for creativity is always growing: we are artists in the kitchen, like you.