Chocolate and porcelain tableware: the perfect combination

Irresistibile abbinamento con la fondue della linea Stoneware

Raise your hand if you don’t love chocolate, or, at the very least, if you don’t enjoy savoring that enveloping taste once in a while. On average, in Italy, we eat 4 kilos of chocolate per person per year. A moment of gratification and relaxation, which is not only enjoyed at home, in the more traditional form of a small chocolate or bar, but also outside the home, in tasty and delicious desserts prepared by pastry chefs and mâitre chocolatiers.

Indeed, these two “specialized” chefs are increasingly found in fine and informal restaurants, and their creations take center stage on special occasions. High-end pastry shops and world-renowned chefs are harnessing the potential of this “food of the gods,” resulting in chocolate creations that not only delight the palate but also captivate the eye. 

Let’s begin a multisensory journey through the history of chocolate, exploring its transformation into a culinary art medium. We will then delve into the realm of chocolate fondue, cakes, chocolates and even savory treats, and each time, the co-star will be porcelain, in tableware that helps to enhance these delicious masterpieces.

Le alzate in porcellana mettono in risalto ogni tipo di dolce al cioccolato

Porcelain risers highlight all kinds of chocolate desserts

The history of chocolate through time

The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica, where the ancient Maya and Aztecs first cultivated and appreciated the cocoa bean. They initially consumed this fruit as a bitter, frothy drink with spices and chili peppers, believing it had divine properties. Cacao beans were so prized that they were even used as currency. The Maya even created intricate ceramic vessels for its preparation and consumption.

In the 16th century Spanish conquistadors, including Hernán Cortés, discovered this fascinating elixir. With its introduction to Europe, chocolate underwent significant transformations. Sugar and milk were added to make it more palatable, and it gained favor in European courts. Porcelain tableware, with its delicate and luxurious design, quickly became a symbol of status, further enhancing the experience of drinking chocolate for the European aristocracy. Indeed, sophisticated and elegant, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind vessels were used. 

Subsequently, interest in the new chocolate drink gave rise to fashionable salons everywhere, where people could socialize over a cup of this delicious novelty.

Chocolate as an artistic medium presented with porcelain

Today, chocolate has transcended its historical roots to become an artistic medium in the hands of patisseries and renowned chefs. The best patisseries have embraced the softness and versatility of chocolate, using it to create sophisticated sculptures and surprising desserts that combine taste and visual appeal. Chocolate has become more than just a mouthwatering flavor: it is an art form. And when it comes to elegant creativity, no other tableware material surpasses porcelain, which has always been synonymous with sophistication.

Chocolate fondue

Among the tastiest of chocolate preparations, chocolate fondue is a popular dish in restaurants and for high-end events. This cascade of deliciousness, often served with an assortment of dipping treats such as strawberries, marshmallows and cookies, showcases the smooth, glossy essence of melted chocolate. 

One of the qualities of porcelain is its ability to maintain temperature. In the case of chocolate fondue, porcelain fondues retain heat, ensuring that the chocolate remains velvety and delicious. A key feature to prevent the chocolate from sticking or hardening prematurely, allowing diners to savor every moment of their experience. 

The foundue from the Stoneware MPS Porcellane line is perfect for these occasions: its smooth surface becomes one with the delicious chocolate that gushes out inebriatingly. The color then is reminiscent of the sweet nectar: a natural shade of brown that pairs perfectly for the most impressive presentations.

Irresistibile abbinamento con la fondue della linea Stoneware

Irresistible pairing with fondue from the Stoneware line

Chocolate cakes and desserts

Chocolate cakes and desserts are another masterpiece that combines the delicious taste of chocolate with appealing shapes and textures. Tarts or small treats with soft and creamy hearts, in their most classic guises, such as chocolate donut cakes, to modern decomposed creations that emphasize the beauty of each ingredient. An assured delicacy.

Pastry chefs use porcelain cake risers to make these sweets stand out. The item’s immaculate surface and height set the stage for the elaborate perfection of chocolate cakes, transforming them into unique pieces of art worthy of a centerpiece. The delicate yet durable nature of porcelain adds a touch of sophistication to the presentation of these treats. 

The smooth, glossy surface of the cake stand, Millenium line, complements the richness of a dazzling dessert in its icing, creating a stunning contrast. Surprise with unusual shapes with the flat stand, Handware line, or the square stand from the Grand Buffet line. Step outside the usual box with a stunning alternative: the Ghisa line. Its dark gray finish is something different, a note of matte elegance that enhances the mellow, creamy texture of your chocolate desserts.

Contrasti d’eccezione, con la linea Ghisa

Exceptional contrasts, with Ghisa line


Chocolate in its purest essence. A filling that conquers all the senses, in a crispy coating that opens the door to a world of flavors. Chefs can indulge from the most classic combinations, such as chocolate and hazelnuts, to the most original and flavorful ones, with the addition of unusual spices or exotic flavors. The chocolate is the business card of the confectioner, who takes pride in a small masterpiece that can tell his or her style.

Between traditional shapes and modern, innovative colors, chocolates need a presentation that goes far beyond the classic box. A treasure chest worthy of an excellent end to a meal or for a small concession in the middle of the day, chocolates find a perfect ally in the material that recalls its prized expertise, porcelain. 

MPS Porcellane’s Vassoi line is indispensable for marveling: a long row of fragrant chocolates rests in the space of buffet trays, with a design that is optimal both for transport and for decorating an elegant table. In different shades, from white to black, the porcelain trays, square or rectangular, become a smooth and perfect frame increasing expectations of the delicious chocolates contained.

Chocolate beyond dessert

The versatility of chocolate does not stop with desserts. Savory cocoa dishes are becoming increasingly popular. Star chefs and visionaries are experimenting with chocolate in dishes such as mole sauce, or in ravioli. Cocoa also accompanies veal tonnato or becomes the star flavor in risotto with red wine. 

Porcelain tableware provides a clean and classy canvas for these innovative culinary creations, highlighting the balance of flavors in savory chocolate dishes and allowing the intense colors and textures to shine through, making them even more pleasing to the eye. Unions are even more interesting with the Porcellana ardesia line, which emphasizes the sublime combination of porcelain to nature, with a slate effect. The semi-matte surface is an ideal base for highlighting the diverse textures of new and novel ideas. Salty enriched with the universal taste of chocolate becomes even more stunning.

I vassoi in porcellana accompagnano la creatività più elegante

Porcelain trays accompany the most elegant creativity

Porcelain tableware for the best chocolate

If chocolate has even bothered science to find the best ways to enjoy it and there is a day dedicated to this versatile food, there must be a reason. Little does the head-to-head – 34 percent vs. 33 percent – between the dark and milk versions matter for Italians’ preferences. Even the finest chocolate deserves a sublime presentation. First of all, it must be remembered that it is one of the most delicate ingredients used in cooking and the ideal temperature is essential, not only to prepare it, but also to let it be savored in its fullest expression. 

This is where porcelain, the most versatile material par excellence, comes in. MPS porcelain containers were created precisely to allow all chefs to magnify their creations, even the most mouth-watering chocolate-based ones. You can count on our dinnerware, from kitchen to table. Let yourself embark on an experiential journey and enhance the sensory aesthetics of chocolate creations. Mastery and craftsmanship go beyond the kitchen.