Christmas table success: the perfect porcelain for your restaurant

Il successo della tavola di Natale: la porcellana perfetta per il tuo ristorante

Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive air amidst moments of the magic of lights and shopping frenzy also involves all restaurateurs, who need to be ready to welcome customers looking for a complete dining experience and an extraordinary Christmas menu that will amaze them.

Elegant decorations or traditional music in the air are not enough, everything must be perfect: here are some tips to bring to the table a perfect presentation combining customs and changes, with the undisputed protagonist, the style of porcelain.

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Nature and color: Stoneware line for presentations that bring warmth to the table

Impress with Christmas 2022 trends: the naturalness of porcelain

While it is true that trends cannot be reduced to a single style, there is one aesthetic that also speaks of a philosophy that is now a protagonist at every time of the year: nature and its respect. In the Christmas season, this can be translated into using only trees to decorate from environmentally sustainable forests and made of recyclable materials, while alternatives such as indoor plants and illuminated cactus find their way in. Recycling not only involves unwelcome gifts, but also the paper to wrap them: cloth and paper are the most popular. 

Minimalism and environment are also protagonists in the decorations in an ecological vision that wants combinations of neutral or pastel colors with green and earthy brown in textures of stone, wood and cork. The inspiration also fully contaminates the table, from tableware to delicate pine ornaments. And it is here that porcelain makes its triumphant entry as a natural and eco-friendly material, as well as representative of the trend that wants light colors and tradition. MPS porcelain products are created using a mixture of raw materials originating from the earth, feldspar, quartz, and kaolin, and have all the credentials to withstand several years of wear and tear while containing waste and waste. In fact, an item made of MPS porcelain is sturdy and durable for professional use, can be washed in the dishwasher and used in the oven, microwave and, with appropriate cooling, even in the freezer.

Recyclable and sustainable by nature, what better dinnerware can bring the tradition of Christmas to the table in a renewed eco-friendly guise? The stoneware line matches a white tablecloth, and the round pan with handles is perfect for presenting a rich egg dish with a garnish of spinach or asparagus for a meal that wraps in the warmth of familiarity. Stoneware has a less delicate appearance than porcelain, due to less vitrification, but because of this, it is even more reminiscent of a stone and thus the pristine beauty of nature. Oval, rectangular pans and bowls make it possible to cook any food perfectly and bring a rustic touch to the table. Cake plates and fondues complete the meal in the awe of homemade desserts served with professionalism.

The must-have classic: white porcelain tableware

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The triumph of dried fruit, pure elegance with the Simple line

There are those who prefer opulence, always without ever overdoing it, in a blaze of colors and unusual combinations that fill store and bar windows. This is the period when literally composing a village full of lights is considered to enhance the holiday atmosphere, to be shared with whomever one wishes. Among owls, candles and greenery, classic taste peeps out in traditional Christmas colors and a menu that tastes of nostalgia

A meal with seasonal vegetables dances in the bright white of MPS porcelain crockery: the Buffet line is an interpreter of the tradition of the Holidays, in the warmth of a meal celebrated with the family, with traditional recipes, although revisited in a modern key to avoid banality. The chef knows how to magnify the flavors of pumpkin and mushrooms, cradling celery and other fresh vegetables in a mix of colors and scents to impress with a classic presentation in modern items. Round with edge wraps a warm soup, while insert trio offers combinations of sauces to taste. Carried in triumph, dried fruit fills the oval basket, Simple line, highlighting its humble but undeniable beauty. Grand occasions are celebrated with Grand Buffet and oval plain buffet that features the perfect browning of capon or the lush stuffing of a duck. Here the romantic and nostalgic tradition of Millenium bursts into creativity-or vice versa. Timeless lines are the perfect immaculate base for leaving splashes of genius and discreetly decorating a Christmas table that will be remembered for elegance and grace. Oval and pie plates cannot be missing, while a gilthead plunges into fresh garnishes on the dedicated porcelain base to enhance flavor and color. In fact, this material is not only aesthetically pleasing for any occasion, but it does not absorb water, thanks to a non-porous and smooth surface. This means that flavors will remain intact, in exalting bold tastes or accompanying more delicate ones.

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Creativity in the classic Millenium line

The porcelain tableware for every occasion: combination of contrasts

Delicacy and durability, tradition and innovation: apparent contrasts meet on the Christmas table of the best restaurants to give diners unforgettable moments. Rustic nature and elegance accompany customers on a journey of creativity in the amazement of combinations of textures, colors and flavors that tell the story of a menu studied to the smallest detail. White is not missing, red is a must, green is trendy, and black? With the Ghisa line it adds a touch of class and sets the stage for innovative new creations. With MPS Porcellane every dish has the right tableware, from appetizer to dessert or, even better, from kitchen to table. You can, finally, also count on another advantage of porcelain: its ability to retain heat. So delicacies straight from the oven still arrive at just the right temperature on the most beautiful and successful holiday table.