Eco-sustainability and intelligence: the trends of 2023 told by MPS porcelain

Ecosostenibilità e intelligenza: le tendenze del 2023 raccontate dalle porcellane MPS

Understanding the market is critical for your business, whether it is a restaurant, hotel, bar, or catering service. It is extremely important to understand what drives change and development, including trends that may seem marginal. 

The strength of market research for 2023 lies in your ability to anticipate market demand and competition more quickly. By adapting your supply to demand, your venue’s competitiveness will increase. It’s about providing a holistic experience, not just a culinary one, for your customers by offering design, food and atmosphere that they are precisely looking for at that moment. 

In accompanying you in this challenge, you can count on an unrivaled ally: the durable aesthetics of MPS porcelain tableware. 

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Revisitations of great classics: the Ghisa line is ready to impress

Watchword: sustainability, preferably with porcelain

Sustainability is gaining in importance in the hospitality industry as well, turning into a must for restaurateurs in terms of both production and service policies and, logically, the food served. 

But when is a Ho.Re.Ca. business actually sustainable? The menu composition and décor of the hotel, restaurant or cafeteria depends on the target group: “followers,” “semi-activists,” and “activists.” The former do not look for “green” venues directly, but, being faced with the choice between a sustainable and a less so, they will choose the business that prioritizes the environment. “Semi-activists” look for environmentally sustainable places, while “activists” are more focused on environmental issues and like to discuss sustainability.

An answer to the quest for eco-sustainability: Gastronorm Induction

To meet these needs you can start with energy-saving equipment for your restaurant, such as induction cooking. This is a technology that uses electromagnets to transfer energy and thus heat to the containers used to cook food. The Gastronorm Induction line was designed and manufactured for just this purpose: standard-sized baking dishes for professional use containers to be used on induction cooktops. Among the advantages of this cooking is its eco-friendly nature: heat is transferred directly to the surface of the cookware, making it much more efficient than traditional cooking, which disperses heat from the flame. The container heats up quickly and evenly, and less energy is wasted during cooking. Gas is also not used, avoiding risks: according to a recent Stanford University study, some gas stoves can release methane even when turned off. Induction therefore also reduces gas emissions, an important goal in slowing the rate of global warming. In addition to sustainability with Gastronorm Induction you can serve spectacular courses directly from the kitchen: MPS porcelain is elegant and versatile. Choose from total white or create striking combinations with different exterior colors, such as yellow, green, blue, orange and red, and white interior or opt for full color.

Sustainability on the plate: the foods of 2023 presented with porcelain tableware

Consumers’ environmentally sustainable choices are obviously reflected in their favorite food as well. A new lifestyle is playing a leading role, to eat healthier and more environmentally friendly. Organic, “zero-mile” food and plant-based cooking are direct consequences. The future is the new glocal, as a fusion of global and local: global food trade is shifting to regional agricultural structures, shorter and more transparent supply chains, and greater emphasis is placed on domestic markets. It is legitimate for the customer to ask where, for example, seafood comes from, when nearly 90 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks are fully exploited or depleted, fertile ground for alternatives. And this is where plant-based seafood is presented, made from ingredients such as lentils, peas, fava beans, and soybeans. This is indeed the incipit of another expected trend: the “veganization” of recipes, that is, the vegan reinterpretation of traditional dishes. A balanced and healthy diet goes hand in hand with a desire for more unique and bold flavors and unrepeatable experiences, including new tastes, smells and textures. Rediscoveries and new arrivals will satisfy the most discerning palates, while aesthetics will be complemented by the beauty of porcelain. Unusual foods in the West, but increasingly popular: seaweed, yuzu and chia seeds meet in preparations that taste of the future. MPS Porcelain’s Finger line will be the solution to quick presentations, giving your guests a chance to taste all the new treats in graceful bites laid delicately on black and white items that can enhance colors and shapes. Hexagon, Drop, Bongo and Small cup countersunk are ideal accompaniments for cocktails that feature yaupon. Tradition takes the dust off in revisitations of chicken, dates and pasta presented on the icon of studied improvisation, the Ghisa line. Porcelain with a variegated finish for a touch of class in keeping with what’s new in 2023. Baking dishes, pans, oval plates, salad bowls, and sushi plates are ready to impress.

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Stoneware line is interpretation of nature

Smart fusions for 2023 in the sign of porcelain

The smart catering concept starring 2023 embraces a high standard of quality, from the products chosen for the kitchen to the technology that accompanies the customer’s enjoyment before, after and during their dining experience. Without ever neglecting design.

Stoneware line: the colors of nature at the table

Restaurants need to grab people’s attention not only with a particular design: guests are looking for an authentic experience that fully matches their personality. Customers no longer expect a product or service, but a behind the scenes story that speaks about them and, at the same time, about the restaurant’s or venue’s proposition. The tale can be told with colors and shapes, again, inspired by nature. Delicate colors, natural tones of the plant world and then shades of clay and stone. The man-nature relationship is also revealed in the choice of tableware. Porcelain is an interpretation of the creative side of nature, shaped by materials originating from the earth, quartz, feldspar and kaolin, combined with the power of fire to make items resistant to scratches, breakage and high oven and microwave temperatures. MPS Porcellane offers pans, casseroles and small bowls inspired by the natural beauty of the earth with its Stoneware line. The non-porous, waterproof surface recalls the proud elegance of stones to create a truly “green” atmosphere in the most innovative or traditional flavors.

The smart restaurant for dining alone with the Clever line

Nature and technology are linked by the demands of the consumer, who expects simplified orders from apps and websites and to be able to see dishes on social media, even before physically entering the restaurant. Clients are smart and seek efficiency at every touch point. If global fusion cuisine is booming on Instagram, the hashtag #DiningAlone doesn’t scare professionals: eating without company at a restaurant is becoming a trend. Dedicating time to yourself is one of the reasons why this proposal will trend. MPS Porcellane anticipates it with single-portion casseroles from the Clever line. Small in size, their design is perfect for tiny portions for lunch or dinner. Rectangular, oval or round, they are convenient to carry directly from the kitchen to the table thanks to the handles, while the white or black porcelain style gives full show of perfect aesthetics, keeping food at just the right temperature. All of which is post-proof for social media.

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Intelligence and sophistication in the Clever line

Porcelain tableware: solutions for every trend

The making of MPS porcelain ware is the fusion of artisan and industrial processes to always offer our customers unique solutions that respond to current trends and anticipate them. When the key word is sustainability, there is no better material that can guarantee the reduction of waste, thanks to its durability and versatility. A celebration of nature, the colors and styles of MPS porcelain tableware allow Ho.Re.Ca. professionals to engage all the senses of their guests, starting with a refined aesthetic that is never predictable for a classy and intelligent presentation.