Elegant black tableware: porcelain on classy tables

Raffinate stoviglie in nero: la porcellana sulle tavole di classe

White is the most popular choice for tableware by many chefs as the culinary creations are enhanced, making the color of the food more vibrant and attractive. Perfect frame, which easily goes with any kind of food, sweet or savory. But everyone, in fact, uses white. Why not prefer black? A brave option for some, natural for others. Beyond the conventional choices, black plates and tableware are the new trend for the table and kitchen of the most fashionable restaurants.


Black inspiration: the elegance of the Ghisa line

The color psychology: black enchants

Instead of boring you with statistics and research, let’s prioritize sight and feeling. How? Open our Instagram account, the photo social par excellence, where colors and style take center stage. We played with fun and sometimes surprising ideas, between shapes and… colors. Scroll through the posts: which ones strike you the most? Surely black will capture the attention of many, like the image of the Lion Soup Tureen, Ghisa line, cleverly combined with a background effect.

And it is with this in mind that we explore the intricacies of the psychology of the best color for the presentation of your dishes: first of all it is the sight that must be satisfied, with the use of the most impressive “tricks”, a task that will play the tableware, guardians of the food you serve.

Color is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your restaurant or bar, not excluding hotel styles. Obviously, by design we don’t just mean walls and furnishings, but also tableware, as these are essential tools for a restaurateur, complementing the overall space and expressing the personality of your dining experience idea. That’s why the selection of colors and styles is a decision that should be made after a thoughtful evaluation, because color creates an atmosphere, whether it’s luxurious or homely, and can actually stimulate or reduce a customer’s appetite.

The color black is a mysterious shade that evokes feelings of elegance, power and formality. A concentration of black will give a very chic feeling that will create an environment marked by simple elegance. In general, individual reactions to the color black can vary greatly: for some, black evokes positive associations such as attraction and elegance, just think of the class of black clothes and fashion brands synonymous with style. Black is, metaphorically, an “evergreen” of style, for furnishings and decorations, embellishing any type of environment. In feng shui, the study of the harmonious arrangement of spaces, black is associated with the elements of water and evokes power, mystery and calm. 

The most elegant tableware: black and porcelain

Choosing black tableware for your restaurant may seem like an unconventional choice, yet more and more professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector prefer this mysterious color. Among the reasons is the fact that darker colors can alter customers’ perception of portion sizes and, consequently, give the impression of large and generous portions compared to white alternatives. Additionally, you can’t find dinnerware that has the same color as every food, so simpler tones like black or white are easier to use for a wider variety of kitchens.

Black is a color that can be used strategically in the most fashionable tableware, to give a pop effect and bring out the other colors of contemporary food and restaurants. However, without exaggerating: a room with too much black, risks looking cramped and too dark. Playing with contrasts or hiding roasts and chocolate cakes, will always guarantee an incomparable aesthetic effect. 


Simple elegance, even the Hotel line has several items in black

A sensorial experience from kitchen to table: the Ghisa line

Black baking dishes and pans bring out the bright red of tomato sauce and the oblique buffet cup illuminates the green of fresh green beans. A golden chicken is brought to the table in Gastronorm’s triumph of elegance in a variety of sizes, while the vivid shades of sushi are accompanied by emotions of perfection with square and rectangular plates. A skilfully worked trout embellished with naturally complementary decorations surprises on the oval fish, while the round pizza plate exalts the made in Italy par excellence. The Ghisa line of MPS Porcellane is perfect to escape from the usual routine of “white plates”: items that literally go from the kitchen to the table to offer moments of extraordinary elegance and refinement to your customers. Made of feldspathic porcelain, with a variegated finish that gives a stylish matte effect, with the durability of an unmistakable material. 

The ghisa version of the Finger line is a simple expression of style. Modern, geometric lines are enhanced by the most sophisticated black, in an expression of functional design. Small delicacies are ordered by posing on Armchair Finger, Hat Finger and dancing on Spoon Finger. Total black with finger food containers served on rectangular trays or contrasts where black is the king and white is the queen, for engaging fusions. Sophisticated, classy and timeless, the black of the porcelain tableware frees the creativity of the chefs in a surprising way: Drop Finger gives life to neutral colors, Bongo Finger hides all the fantasy of appetizers and sauces of the most audacious menus. 


The exaltation of color, Porcellana Ardesia line

Aesthetic minimalism: the Ardesia line 

The natural effect of ardesia is told in rectangular and square plates and stands with clean, bold lines. The Porcellana Ardesia line completes the minimalist design you’re looking for in your restaurant. The quality of the dishes is enhanced and enriched by presentations that emphasize colors and create complementary combinations of styles and tones. Set the stage for success in every occasion by combining sweet and savory on black and white stands: MPS porcelain items are the stage that brightens your creations

The professional luxury: MPS Porcellane articles

It’s easy to be inspired with dinnerware that looks like modern sculptures, without ever overshadowing the food they present. Black is chic, a brushstroke of polite glamour for any line signed MPS. 

In addition to the exclusively black Ghisa and Mandarin Black, among the latest creations of our manufacture, you can find colored and black versions of many items, such as Gastronorm Basic, Cordonata Impilabile and many products of an essential classic for restaurateurs, the Hotel line

All MPS porcelains are an indispensable partner for professionals: class and resistance find a home in quality tableware and kitchenware, usable in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Choose black to fascinate.