Hotel supplies: porcelain is the right choice for tableware

There are numerous things to consider when opening a hotel, one of the main among them being tableware supplies for the interior restaurant or bar. You need to evaluate design, style, materials and needs based on taste and available budget. In any case, porcelain items are a winning choice both in terms of the inherent characteristics of the material and their versatility.

Tableware and kitchenware for hotels depending on the number of stars

Hotel tableware style choices will vary based on many factors. Some will depend on the environment of the restaurant, the preferences of the manager, but also the budget of the company. This is one of the main reasons why supplies for hotels with different numbers of stars will vary significantly. 

Hotels with a higher number of stars will need to procure different types of tableware: for example, they will need to provide butter stands or plates for bread and side dishes, which in less pretentious hotels will be served on the same plate, or non-specific tableware. In addition, the most luxurious hotels may opt for porcelain cups with saucers for serving coffee and cappuccino, while hotels with more homely management may decide to use disposable cups. 

Un momento di lusso, per qualsiasi bar. Lisboa, linea Tazze

A moment of luxury, for any bar. Lisboa, Tazze line

For 4 or 5-star hotels, precision is important, which is why the tableware bought must be many: you cannot afford to bring food to the table served on different plates, perhaps because one item has broken. Unless creative decisions are made, the items used to present dishes to guests must be identical to ensure that the chosen standard is respected

Items for hotels by geographical area

The dinnerware to be used at the table and in the kitchen differs depending on the geographical area in which the hotel operates. It may depend first of all on the raw materials most available and typical of the area, but above all on the cultural preferences and tastes to which the hotel must adapt or chooses to follow. 

If the hotel restaurant decides to serve dishes typical of the United States, for example, one immediately thinks of burgers or steaks cooked with barbecue: the plates used to cook and serve them must then be specific and allow for optimal presentation. Large, durable items, such as the MPS Porcelain steak plate, are ideal, all the more so if the business is located in America and serves traditional foods. If you’re thinking of Mediterranean areas and typical Italian cuisine, on the other hand, focus on pasta, soups and vegetables: bowls are perfect for enjoying these flavors in a modern and healthy way.

Inserto trapezoide e tondo, linea Hotel, per combinazioni dal sapore complementare

Trapezoidal and round insert, Buffet line, for combinations with a complementary flavor

Furthermore, trays can be used for hotels where buffets are more common, or to offer finger food in a simple but elegant way. Others prefer to avoid the various components of the meal touching each other, because they must be enjoyed separately. In this case you can create combinations with inserts and item compartments, such as the Buffet line. Finally, the colorful plates, which are said to have been launched by Scandinavian manufacturers, and that color the kitchen and tables of the most modern and innovative restaurants. 


The best material for your hotel tableware: porcelain

The material of the tableware for your hotel is a critically important choice. The differences mentioned above for the hotel category are relevant here, but can actually be canceled out by thinking about how you want to run your restaurant and considering how durable items, despite a slightly higher purchase price, can be a real investment over time: if the tableware doesn’t break and ruin, it won’t need to be replaced incurring additional costs in the short term. 

Porcelain is the ideal material for hotel kitchen and tableware because it is elegant and durable. Valuable and noble, MPS porcelain tableware is produced with top quality feldspar, quartz and kaolin from Limoges. The advantages of porcelain items are several, starting with their versatility and practicality. They can be used daily thanks to their durability and resist high temperatures, allowing them to be used even in the oven and microwave

Il piatto bistecca, linea Hotel, perfetto per presentazioni succulente

The steak plate, Hotel line, perfect for juicy presentations

Also safe for use in the freezer, after cooling, and in the dishwasher, they offer practical advantages for caterers, allowing them to speed up cleaning and present food always at the right temperature. In fact, porcelain allows you to keep dishes warm, a property that is further emphasized with our Gastronorm Induction line, consisting of baking dishes that can be used for induction cooking and are excellent for food presentation, thanks to their elegance and the availability of various sizes. 

You can also consider stoneware: these are very scratch-resistant tableware. Stoneware is similar to porcelain, but more opaque and normally only partially vitrified. Its characteristic is a non-white color, unlike porcelain, due to the presence of impurities in the clay used to create the items. The Stoneware line gives character to food presentations and is ideal for even the most familiar hotels, thanks to the warm colors typical of the material. 

Porcelain items for professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Whatever the style of your hotel, the right restaurant and bar tableware can make all the difference, not only in style and presentation but also economically. MPS porcelain pieces are perfect for any type of environment, thanks to a wide range of items, collected in over 30 product lines. Our articles are not simply “porcelain”, but the answer to the needs of professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector: we have always anticipated the needs of the market, thanks to a close collaboration with our customers.

It is from this attention that our products are born, such as the Hotel line, conceived and designed for professionals who are looking for the best supplies for their hotel. Versatility and modern elegance in porcelain items that are easy to handle and therefore very light, but resistant to daily use. The line offers indispensable pieces, such as soup plates, oval plates and fish plates for the most creative presentations. The rectangular, square or oval dishes are ideal for cooking the most delicious meals, but not only: also available in several colors, they are perfect for bringing to the table of your guests all the flavors, directly from the kitchen. Salad bowls, pans and soufflé molds complete the endless possibilities of your mastery. 

We’re professionals like you, we know how important quality is and we focus on excellence to provide you with the best porcelain items.