How to choose baking dishes: the advantages of porcelain

Pirofila Ovale

Professional chefs know how the right items in the kitchen can make the difference. Despite preferences, it is important to choose the perfect dish for each recipe. Factors such as size, shape, volume and material of the product can affect the result.

Baking dishes: what to consider before the choice

Cooking something that meets the customers’ taste and takes their dining experience to another level is not so easy. It’s not enough to just follow a recipe, put something in the dish and bake it: cooking is art, baking is science

You need different types of dish because each one is designed to meet a particular need depending on the type of food that will fill it. For example, for lasagna, a famous Italian dish, you need a high-sided dish to retain moisture, whereas other dishes require slow cooking, so the bottom of the item needs to be thicker.

When choosing baking dishes, it’s helpful to consider your cooking habits: ingredients combine when they’re cooked, and their reaction to the container is different depending on the material used. Using a glass dish instead of a porcelain dish can lead to different results because of their different properties.

First of all, it is useful to estimate the baking temperature required and keep in mind how different materials retain heat unequally. That’s the reason why it is important to decide whether you want your food to be crispy, or juicy, or just well cooked. Porcelain or stoneware are suitable solutions for most preparations.

Shapes and sizes are just as important. Depending on the type of dish that will be prepared, in fact, it will be better to opt for an oval, rectangular, round or square shape, both to give more space to the food, and to better fit the presentation you have in mind.

Scegli forme e dimensioni più adatte alla tua-cucina-con-la linea Gastronomia

Choose the shapes and sizes that suited the best to your kitchen with the Gastronomia line

Porcelain dishes for cooking: choosing the right material

The best type of baking item allows for gradual heating, is durable, beautiful to look at and safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. All of these features are found in one material: porcelain.

Thanks to its non-porous texture, porcelain brings out the natural taste of food: the flavor of spices and herbs is enhanced, while delicate aromas are not overpowered by stronger ones. Sauces and cooking oils are not absorbed, so meats and vegetables will turn out juicier and more flavorful.

Cleaning is quick and easy and MPS porcelain items are also dishwasher safe, thanks to their resistance, which also makes them difficult to damage, thus able to cope with daily professional use.

Moreover, using porcelain dishes is a safer way to cook: during heating, porcelain does not release chemicals, because the mixture is made only of natural materials that become inert after cooking.

Cordonata Impilabile

Cordonata Impilabile line means elegance and ease of use

MPS porcelain design: the Pirofile line

The design and the aesthetic of the bakery items are important, as they can be used as serving dishes to present food and for buffets. Guests and customers begin to enjoy what’s served with their eyes: this is the reason why it is essential to choose a top-quality baking set, as the way the pieces are produced and finished will impact the overall appearance.

Each porcelain item in the MPS Pirofile line is different and unique, so as to fit any style and need. Choose the white color, with the elegance that distinguishes the most prestigious porcelain, or be inspired by warm and sophisticated color combinations, such as black and different shades of brown. Ideal for the soufflé dishes. The crème caramel takes on color in the bright white mold, and presentations are impactful with round dishes embellished with detailed edge work from the Cordonata Impilabile line and Cordonata 992 line.

Choose the right size: MPS porcelain baking dishes are available in numerous sizes to meet a wide range of needs, like baking dishes with high, medium and low edges, or rectangular, square, oval and round shapes. For a wonderful cake choose a round baking dish, while for cooking meat dishes try the rectangular one and for chicken the ideal is the oval one, perhaps with a white interior and brown exterior.

Pirofila Ovale

Oval roasting dish, Cordonata 992 line, to color your presentations with elegance.

The best baking dishes

Meeting the needs of customers and guests is your goal, while ours is to continue to provide the best solutions to make your job easier and more creative. For over 30 years we have been producing quality porcelain items in Italy to anticipate the needs of professionals in the Hor.Re.Ca. sector. Our line of baking dishes has been specially designed to meet their needs: durability, strength, temperature maintenance, ease of cleaning and design are features that will make each item your kitchen ally.