How to serve a pasta dish: porcelain for perfection

Il classico si reinventa con la linea dipinta a mano Handpainted

Life is a combination of pasta and magic, Fellini said. 

How can anyone blame him? Even Italians agree, who consume an average of more than 23 kg of pasta per capita per year. To make a point, 1 out of every 4 pasta dishes eaten in the world is Italian. Record also for the presence of this magnificent dish in the diet: 83 percent consume it in their daily menu. The data speak of a market worth more than 5,000 million euros between domestic consumption and exports.

And where is the magic? In the flavor that each chef knows how to add to such beloved food and in careful presentation, where nothing is left to chance but the creativity that makes each dish brought to the table something unique.

Le stoviglie migliori per piatti di pasta eccellenti: la porcellana MPS

The best tableware for excellent pasta dishes: porcelain MPS

Basic rules for serving pasta

Like food preparation, the presentation and choice of tableware are also creative solutions. If we talk about etiquette, then there are best practices to follow. 

First of all, cooking time is critical to the success of the presentation: cooking for the right amount of time to prevent it from browning is the basic rule. Overcooked spaghetti will in fact be neither pleasing to the eye nor good to eat. 

The choice of crockery is equally important: a flat base is, generally, the best alternative, while deep items are suitable for soups and stews, or particularly seasoned pasta with lots of sauce. As with any other type of culinary presentation, it is essential to maintain a balance among the elements present: the dish should not be too full nor have too much empty space. The arrangement should also be harmonious by following the shape of the base: if round it is better to put the pasta in the center, if square you can take full advantage of the angles, always without ever overdoing it. Presenting the spaghetti in the center of the chosen item using the ladle and fork technique is the procedure preferred by the trendiest chefs, but it is certainly not the only way to surprise your customers and guests.

Colors and textures are other elements to consider when presenting a pasta dish. The starting point is to enhance the star food, so a white dishware will be perfect with rigatoni with tomato sauce, but less so with pennette alla panna, unless the white sauce is framed with decorations that draw the line between kitchen item and food served. Contrasts and surprises for striking entrances are, literally, in the hands of the professional who will also choose unusual pairings of soft and crisp, creamy and firm textures with the most successful garnishes.

Choosing the best tableware for the presentation of a pasta dish

When choosing tableware, one should always start with an assessment of its function and how it can simplify the presentation of a dish. In addition to considering portions, menu and restaurant style, in this case, the type of pasta should also be calculated. And then creative inspiration will drive the selection.

Pasta with light and creamy sauces

Almost any cut of pasta can be seasoned simply with butter or oil and a touch of green such as parsley or sage, but for some types it is virtually impossible not to present a seasoning that brightens their golden color. Here are spaghetti Cacio e Pepe or Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino that fill the refined simplicity of the Oval Plate, Hotel line, with traditional flavor, in the purity of white or the elegance of black. 

The classic spaghetti with tomato sauce pairs perfectly with the handcrafted hand painted lines that remind precisely of the long pasta on Handpainted, and the abundant mouthwatering sauce is perfectly contained in the Round Coup Plate. If you want to be daring with a different version of the typical pasta dish, you can offer tagliolini with squid ink, to be boldly accommodated on the white Square Plate, Grand Buffet line

The thick sauce of farfalle panna e prosciutto is gracefully restrained by the Square Plate Ardesia, Ardesia Porcelain line, for the guaranteed amazement of an unusual pairing. For a more traditional view, pasta carbonara is simply presented in a sublime way with the Complementi line and essential shapes that enhance premium ingredients. The Oval Plate, Complementi line, is the perfect accomplice for a sin of gluttony with pesto or shellfish accompanying linguine and pennette from the center to the sides of the crockery for an insatiable chase of deliciousness. Finally, Bolognese and marinara meat sauces sink into Ghisa‘s durable black finish, with a bottom or oval plate with an added detail: a stunning color contrast to immediately captivate diners in a swirl of aesthetics.

Il classico si reinventa con la linea dipinta a mano Handpainted

The classic is reinvented with Handpainted line 

Baked pasta

Macaroni with cheese and lasagna filled with precious seasonal vegetables or rich in cheese are a classic of Italian cuisine. Bringing these traditional dishes to the table with a modern twist is the choice of all ambitious chefs. There are as many alternatives as the imagination can provide, and you can count on MPS porcelain items. In addition, it is possible to use our products in the oven, microwave and freezer, with appropriate cooling. Not only this: porcelain retains heat, so directly serving a pan full of baked flavors and colors will be easy and convenient. The Gastronorm line offers baking dishes in all standard sizes and for this reason compatible with all ovens and refrigerators, and you can choose from several colors: classic black and white, or opt for bright colors on the outside of the item or both inside and outside: yellow, light blue, red, orange, green or brown. Timballi and conchiglioni stuffed with eggplant cook to perfection and are ready for artful presentation in the oval, round or rectangular casseroles from the Casseruole line and are the coup de grâce in Clever‘s single-portion pans. The homey flavor of a family menu but with a professional twist comes together in the warmth of pans and cake pans from the Stoneware line, while the elegance of Cordonata 992 wins everyone over.

La linea Casseruole porta a tavola la tradizione innovativa

Casseruole line brings innovative tradition to the table

Pasta salads and bowls

Pasta salads are among the favorite recipes in the summertime, but they are an all-season one-dish solution. Whether it’s a Caesar salad pasta version or fusilli with ham and peas, what sets these courses apart is a different crockery from the flat base. In fact, you’ll need more space for dressing and mixing the pasta: that’s why MPS porcelain salad bowls and cups become indispensable. A wide base and high sides embrace the food and preserve it in all its fragrance by presenting it with grace and artistry. Oval salad bowls from the Ghisa line are essential products for an extra touch, with a matte-black glaze that emphasizes the color of fresh vegetables and al dente pasta. More classic alternatives can be Rice Bowl, Buffet line, or Salad bowl, Complementi line. There are also those who prefer to use bowls and cups for serving pasta with creamy sauces because, by condensing it into less space, it enhances its textures and taste more. The important thing is to choose porcelain because, thanks to a smooth, nonporous surface, it does not absorb liquids or odors, leaving the deliciousness of the food intact. 

More than just a pasta container, excellence MPS Porcellane

To those who do not always aim for the best and meticulousness, serving a pasta dish may seem easy. In reality, choosing the right tableware to impress customers and guests is just as important as preparing the food itself. It is not only a matter of tableware that must fulfill its function well with comfort, but it is also about aesthetics. A good dinnerware for presenting pasta has the space it needs not to sacrifice the beauty of the preparation, but an excellent one, such as MPS items, is also durable and thick enough to hold all the creativity of the most demanding chef. MPS porcelain items simplify your work in the kitchen and at the table and allow you to experiment again and again to find the pasta dish that represents all your passion.