Miniature line: perfection for serving excellent side dishes

Non solo contorni, la linea Miniature è perfetta anche per il finger food

The meaning of the famous phrase “no man is an island” is deep and enhances something that well applies to any aspect of our lives, including food. The latter, in fact, is never “alone”; rather, it lends itself perfectly to decorations, appetizers and side dishes for a complete and even more balanced dining experience.

Often importance is placed only on the main dish, such as a flavorful steak or perfectly seasoned al dente pasta, but what about side dishes? When paired correctly with a main dish, sometimes their accompaniment can lead to a much more delicious result. A great side dish, be it grilled vegetables or oriental sauces, and the main course of lunch or dinner, when perfectly synchronized, can be at their best.

Of course, side dishes and accompaniments to main courses should also be presented in the best way.

Eleganza e purezza della porcellana per contorni di stile, linea Miniature

Elegance and purity of porcelain for stylish contours, Miniature line

What is a side dish and why it is essential for a complete menu

A side dish is basically any type of food served as an accompaniment to a main course. The nature of this side dish can vary widely, ranging from simple steamed vegetables to elaborate casseroles. 

In addition to diversifying the flavors of a meal, garnishes also serve the function of preparing the palate for the courses on the menu, for example by refreshing it and making room for other tastes. In some cases, the side dish is essential to complement a pasta dish with seasoning, or add the sauce in which to dip sushi, or, again, it is the rice itself that is the contour that absorbs the predominant sauce in the main course.

But that’s not all: adding vegetables, among the top-rated side dishes, undoubtedly helps to vary the diet and maintain a balanced diet, rich in nutrients such as fiber and vitamins. Some vegetables, along with healthy living, then can have prevention benefits as well, but, in addition to the beneficial effects, surely a steak meat will never be complete without its side potatoes, nor will eggs taste the same without some fresh asparagus in season. And then colors and textures intertwine, in presentations that without ratatouille, green beans or classic salads would not have the same satisfying result for the chef and the restaurant customer. 

How to pair side dishes with the main course

Restaurants often offer a choice of one or more side dishes when ordering a main course. Usually, the side dishes offered conform to the type of cuisine representative of the restaurant, but while leaving room for creativity, it is always essential to pay attention to the pairings.

The key to choosing a side dish is to consider the main dish and choose something different but at the same time complementary. For example, lemon chicken can be paired with spicy potatoes or you can add a sauce with the same citrus to enhance its acidity. You can use snack bowl, available in two sizes, Miniature line, to properly dose portions and elegantly accompany the main menu. Shell cup guards a black olive salad to pair with grilled cheeses, while pie dish is perfect for an eggplant pie that smooths out the flavors between a first and second course. And what would sushi be without its most typical condiments, such as soy sauce, served in the square cups of the Miniature line?

In addition to considering the seasonality of side vegetables, the key is to think about the complete meal, to add textures and food groups that complement each other, such as protein and starches. It will then be up to the chef’s creativity to balance a delicate flavor, such as that of a sea bream, with more flavorful sauces and vegetables, or to opt for enhancing spices and daring more inventive combinations, such as chili, curry or pesto.

Mini alzata quadra, Linea Miniature, per accompagnare con dolce e salato

Mini square riser, Miniature Line, to accompany with sweet and savory

The Miniature line for side dishes and appetizers

Not only side dishes, but also hors d’oeuvres and finger foods have come fully into the development of a complete menu. With the main function of whetting the appetite and preparing for the main courses, appetizers also need to be coordinated in terms of flavors, textures, aromas and colors. Large in taste, small in size, entrees and finger foods are not necessarily to be served before the meal, but can also replace or accompany it. Pickled foods, shellfish, flavors, and small delicacies mingle on porcelain items with the dual function of presenting finger foods and side dishes with one goal: to make guests’ dining experience perfect.

The elegance of white porcelain, durable yet with a finish that seems so delicate, lets small masterpieces parade between sweet and savory, suspended among veiled or bold flavors. At the center of a buffet table at first glance, perhaps, the gaze rests on the main attraction, but it is the details that make the difference. And that’s when mini square risers or mini round risers will highlight truffles or small cream puffs accompanying what, without the right side dishes, would not qualify as a complete menu. Porcelain, especially white, is able to enhance the colors and beauty of carefully designed and proposed delicacies, with all the advantages of expert workmanship. MPS Porcellane offers top-quality items for Ho.Re.Ca. professionals, which can be used in the oven, microwave and are resistant to thermal shock up to 250°C. All our products can also be put in the freezer, after proper cooling, and washed in the dishwasher. 

Non solo contorni, la linea Miniature è perfetta anche per il finger food

Not just side dishes, the Miniature line is also perfect for finger food

Experiment new side dishes with MPS porcelain items

There is no limit to creativity: soups and croutons, spaghetti and cheese, salad and yogurt. It all depends on the combinations the chef can come up with, for side dishes that can coordinate perfectly with the main courses or dare innovative combinations to surprise. MPS Porcellane provides all foodservice professionals with a starting point for experimenting with new delicacies, capable of satisfying the most refined palates and the less pretentious, with items for every need. The Miniature line is an example of simple elegance, which has distinguished our product lines for more than 30 years now. Best accompanied by raw, steamed or grilled side dishes and original appetizers served in the finest porcelain.