MPS Porcellane at Ambiente 2024: tableware of the future

Arte unica, in un incontro creativo con Handpainted

In the heart of Frankfurt am Main, the stage is set for an innovative event that promises to transcend the ordinary and redefine the consumer goods landscape. Ambiente 2024, the leading international consumer goods fair, is not just an exhibition, but an immersive experience and a convergence point of innovation, design and trends shaping our lifestyles. 

MPS Porcellane cannot miss this event, January 26-30, amid the unique opportunities and insights that Ambiente 2024 holds for the industry.

Ambiente: benchmark for consumer goods

Scheduled for January 26-30, Ambiente 2024 presents itself as the ultimate lifestyle experience, a dynamic hub that annually tracks the state of the consumer goods market. With distinct areas for Dining, Living, Giving and Working, Ambiente will appeal to a diverse audience, ranging from retailers to commercial end users. 

Messe Frankfurt reports a booming Dining section, with scheduling that extends to building foyers, creating a unique and engaging experience for attendees. Visitors will find a wide range of products from tableware to kitchen and homeware. In particular, the Global Sourcing section is seeing an increase in exhibitors, especially in the tableware section. The foodservice category promises to feature all global market players, with a strong focus on Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering), as well as a diverse range of items throughout the dining category. A huge potential for new contacts and synergies, for wholesalers, retailers, traders, hospitality buyers, planners, designers, distributors, international hotel chains, restaurateurs, chefs and countless professionals. Not only that, the Ho.Re.Ca. conference program includes distinguished attendees and industry experts.

Ispirazione naturale, Conchiglia_

Natural inspiration, Conchiglia

Ho.Re.Ca. and Dining trends of 2024 according to Ambiente

Beyond the vibrant product showcase, Ambiente 2024 introduces overarching themes that resonate with the evolving consumer goods landscape. Sustainability takes center stage and reflects the global shift toward conscious consumption. Lifestyle and design converge, showcasing innovations that transcend mere functionality. New Work heralds the future of workplace dynamics and Future Retail reveals the latest trends in the retail sphere. The digital extension of commerce amplifies the interconnectedness of the modern marketplace, showing the intersection of technology and sales.

Sustainable innovations: ethical style by Ambiente

As conscious consumption takes center stage globally, Ambiente 2024 is introducing the “Ethical Style by Ambiente” program. This initiative shines a spotlight on exhibitors, including MPS, who offer eco-friendly and socially responsible products. From ecological materials to fair and socially responsible production, Ambiente 2024 promotes sustainability in every aspect of the consumer goods industry. 

Proud to be naturally sustainable all along, thanks to a material that comes from the earth and allows for lasting use, avoiding scrap and waste, we present our lines, which more than others, are inspired precisely by the pristine beauty of nature, such as Conchiglia. Contemporary designs and shapes unmistakably born on natural patterns, such as shells and fish, these porcelain dinnerware bring the power of the sea to the table in every season. Being able to shape quartz, kaolin and feldspar by taking cues from natural creativity makes us even more aware of the importance of using production processes with low environmental impact, for excellent results in this regard as well.

Creatività moderna nella tradizione della porcellana, Handware

Modern creativity in the tradition of porcelain, Handware

Leading trends among colors and materials

According to trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano, there will be three trends in shapes, colors and materials that will captivate consumers worldwide in 2024.

  • AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental. This trend captures the essence of elemental force meeting futurism, creating a fascinating interplay of opposites. Incorporating this trend into our porcelain dinnerware lines means exploring innovative design processes. Handware represents the meeting of contrasting poles: the moment of modern frenzy, told in the infinite space capable of stopping time in a design that transcends classic porcelain containers. The radiant and vibrant colors of the dishes, ranging from deep solar yellow to aqua blue, blend with an immaculate canvas ready to accommodate the chef’s creativity. The connection with nature is an added plus.
  • QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar. This trend seeks the special in the simple, conveying the need for calm and clarity. Our porcelain tableware is the materialization of this philosophy in elegant, warm and positive colors. A palette of enveloping hues and materials simple in their grace: Stoneware, porcelain tableware that blurs the boundaries between art and function. Caramel color and shades of brown in pans, bowls and casseroles welcome traditional foods or unconventional creations into the aesthetic of simplicity, which is a true luxury of comfort, in everyday life. 
  • SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical. A trend that celebrates diverse influences in a bold and poetic way, mixing craft skills with a modern aesthetic. Amber, brandy, chili, neutral gray, and sepia create perfect shades for sophisticated and unexpected combinations. Craft skills and materials undervalued for their constant presence can find their way into tableware design, creating truly unique objects. Here is where hand-painting makes its entrance with the Handpainted line. Tableware becomes artistic expression, with brushstrokes of blue, yellow, red and gray on simple, yet refined design bases, embodying the trend’s emphasis on personal touch and durability.
Arte unica, in un incontro creativo con Handpainted

Unique art in a creative encounter with Handpainted

The inspiration of the future: tableware from MPS Porcellane at Ambiente 2024

In a context that is setting trends and shaping the future of consumer goods and the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, we at MPS Porcellane will take the opportunity to be inspired and continue the creation of porcelain items capable of astonishing, while holding firm to the principle of responding to our customers’ needs for functionality and practicality. A global stage to connect with industry leaders and showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability, Ambiente 2024 is a must-attend event to redefine the future of the porcelain tableware tradition. 

We look forward to seeing you discover Made in Italy quality at our booth B71, Hall 12.0.