MPS Porcellane awaits you for the Host and Ambiente 2021 fairs

MPS Porcellane will participate in the next edition of the Ambiente and Host Milano fairs.

Will to start again

Without a doubt 2020 will be remembered as a year of crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The current scenario sees a slow recovery in post-lockdown consumption and the desire to start again in all the countries involved, primarily Italy.

The catering sector is facing and will face changes: Italians’ habits are evolving and the desire to restart and return to the pre-crisis situation, if not do better, is present in any business and in all the people who want to rediscover their social life.

This is why we are sure that 2021 will be an important year, in the name of news in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, with two unmissable events: Host and Ambiente.

Host and Ambiente 2021

In a context of uncertainty and new trends, Host and Ambiente fairs become an even more important reference point for professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, representing a place for the exchange of ideas and direct meetings. The exhibition areas will be a lounge to launch new trends and anticipate them, to seize every opportunity for growth.

We’ll be starting in February, with Ambiente, from 19 to 23, and arriving in October, from 22 to 26, with Host. We will be in Frankfurt and Milan to exhibit our products and enrich ourselves with new experiences to continue offering innovative solutions that anticipate the needs of our customers. The ability to communicate and interact in first person with professionals in the restaurant, catering and design sector makes these fairs unique every year.

Numbers and appointments for Ho.Re.Ca.

In 2020 the visitors of Ambiente, the reference fair for consumer goods, such as kitchen and household products, gift items, decorations and furniture, were over 136,000 from 167 different countries and the exhibitors more than 4,600, coming from 92 nations. In April 90% of the exhibition space was already reserved, demonstrating the growing need for interpersonal communication and interest in this appointment.

In the last edition of 2019 Host Milano exceeded 200,000 visitors, marking a new record. There were over 2,200 exhibitors with representation from over 50 countries. The International Professional Hospitality Exhibition is renewed every year, showcasing equipment, services, products and innovative technologies for catering. More than 800 events are already planned for 2021, including show-cooking competitions and techno-cooking.

2021 will unite us in the tradition of open dialogue and innovation of new habits. MPS Porcellane has remained by your side during this period of uncertainty to be able to start again together and we will continue to support you to achieve your goals.

We’re looking forward to it.