MPS Porcellane’s participation at Ambiente 2023 closed successfully

La partecipazione di MPS Porcellane ad Ambiente 2023 si è chiusa con successo

The Ambiente trade fair, the most important international event for consumer goods, ended with a new attendance record. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the five days in Frankfurt could not have ended on a better note for us at MPS Porcellane. A success that again gave us the opportunity to meet in person with important buyers, regular customers and new partners to continue to grow together in the Ho.Re.Ca. market.

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Welcome to the wonder of the porcelain world, our stand at Ambiente 2023

The triumph of Ambiente 2023: the numbers speak for themselves

In a new exhibition layout featuring Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld together, attendance records were broken from February 5-7: more than 4,500 exhibitors met over 154,000 visitors from around the world. International audiences were one of the factors behind the success, with more than 170 countries for a result that helped boost the visibility of this leading event in a carousel of innovation and inspiration for dining, living, giving and, new to the edition, working. 

352,950 square meters of trends in a growing representation of lifestyle and design fusions, with one focus: sustainability. Expectations were exceeded with an audience represented by Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, United States, Great Britain and Spain, to name just a few nationalities of buyers in attendance. International buyers and distributors of hotel and restaurant supplies recorded a satisfaction rating of more than 94 percent, according to Messe Frankfurt’s survey of visitors.

The theme of sustainability: porcelain tableware has always been eco-friendly

Responsibility and sustainability were the focus of this year’s international consumer goods fair Ambiente. Many of the innovations presented for the Dining sector, thus kitchen, table and home, were made from reusable materials or produced without impact from the environmental point of view. The development of an environmentally oriented and socially sustainable circular economy is part of the new mindset of most manufacturers, and also of MPS Porcellane, all along.

Among new renewable materials, such as cork, and the reuse of old coffee grounds to make cups and objects, 3D printing with food waste, including orange peels and egg shells, is also introduced. Technology and creativity are certainly the starting point for a more sustainable future, but we, while admiring this inventiveness, already know how it is possible to produce small functional inspirations in an ancient material that continues to surprise in its modernity: our beloved porcelain. An eco-friendly material that comes from nature and with such wear resistance that it reduces waste and discards. If production is environmentally friendly, as it is at our manufacture, then, the ultimate in eco-sustainability is achieved. 

What is striven for with other materials is already consolidated with a mixture of feldspar, quartz and kaolin of excellent quality for tableware and wares capable of incredible strength in an aesthetic that marvels. White porcelain or the natural color of stoneware fits perfectly in any setting and for every style. Non-porous, easy to clean and anti-stick, as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher-safe, make porcelain items the ideal partner for every Ho.Re.Ca. professional. Plus, all dishes are served and cooked at the right temperature with heat retention and induction cooking with Gastronorm Induction.

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The perfect colors for every style with our porcelain tableware

The aesthetics of change with MPS Porcellane

When ongoing change brings new challenges and consumers demand sustainability, attention to local realities, and creativity, MPS Porcellane is ready to offer innovation in the constant reinterpretation of tradition. Ambiente presents the kitchen and table, a stage in which to showcase alternative, modern ways of living the dining experience, but always with quality and with the common goal of satisfying all the senses. Representations of simple functionality with the Complementi line that can’t be missing, while the touch of color on our stand was proposed by the Gastronom Gourmet and Basic line baking dishes, with the combination of classic white along with blue, green, red, yellow and orange. Tradition and the delicacy of nature’s power were represented by the Conchiglia line, while visitors were able to foretaste a presentation of delicacies resting on the fresh design of the Finger line, also in the total black matte Ghisa version. And then the exclusive line for the foreign market Creative Flow, sculptures that suggest forms of contemporary art applied to the table. Without ever neglecting functionality and safety.

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Design and functionality in the mix of MPS Porcellane

Preparing for participation in a fair of the caliber of Ambiente requires in-depth study and choosing the best method to convey values and qualities of a company that, for more than 30 years, has accompanied chefs and professionals on a path of growth and innovation. Ideas and commitment came together in a stand that provided us with a new success in showcasing our passion for a material so beautiful yet so practical. But it doesn’t end there: Ambiente continues on the Digital Extension digital platform, an integral part of the event, as our team followed in a relentless and meticulous handiwork complemented by technology and the most overwhelming flair to continue to anticipate the needs of our customers.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our participation a new milestone of achievement in our history. The appointment in Frankfurt for the next edition of Ambiente is for January 2024.