MPS Porcellane’s success at HostMilano 2023

Novità e conferme dal nostro catalogo, che hanno conquistato i visitatori

From November 13 to 17, MPS Porcellane successfully participated in the number one event for professional hospitality, HostMilano. Five days for an appointment that was confirmed to be a must-attend place for the global industry of equipment and supplies for the restaurant and Ho.Re.Ca sector. 

And we certainly couldn’t miss it!

Il nostro stand a HostMilano 2023

Our booth at HostMilan 2023

HostMilano 2023: the global catering event

With an outstanding record of more than 180,000 professional visitors, the 43rd edition of HostMilano 2023 came to a close. An event dedicated to innovation in professional hospitality, the out-of-home sector and food retail that attracted a large international audience, exceeding 42 percent of participants from 166 different nations. In addition to significant delegations from Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, there was particularly strong interest from North and South America (with 10 percent participation), Gulf countries and Asia (about 20 percent). 

Buyers and decision makers from all over the world found crowded booths and were captivated by design and countless events where supply and demand meet to answer consumer needs. In a market where Italians place increasing importance on spending in the out-of-home sector, second only to travel. Looking for incentives to meet anticipation, expectations and curiosity, but also a feeling of security, everything is also told in the dynamism of social media, with the hashtag #HostMilano on Instagram that has exceeded 1.4 million impressions.

Certainties among trends: porcelain tableware

Amidst sustainability trends, technology, passing fads and innovations not to be underestimated, there is always one certainty, a benchmark for all foodservice professionals: white porcelain tableware. “All the innovations that can be found at the show often have an end time. What our customers are looking for is consistency in white. White porcelain is always the top on the table“, confirms Cinzia Gualdo, Product Manager at MPS Porcellane. 

And indeed, it is exactly such a classic that is unfailing on the tables of the chicest restaurants and in the kitchens of the most discerning chefs. Porcelain is an incredible material, which does not follow fashions, but anticipates them, all along. Since 1987, when our company was founded, we have known that working with a mixture that comes from masterpieces of the earth, feldspar, quartz and kaolin, is a great responsibility. To enhance these raw materials, we aim for excellence, the quality of Made in Italy that distinguishes us in making baking dishes, serving platters, trays, finger food containers and about 1,500 products in shapes, finishes and lines that captivate at first glance and facilitate the work of professionals with their practicality.

Novità e conferme dal nostro catalogo, che hanno conquistato i visitatori

Innovations and confirmations from our catalog, which won over visitors

Classic innovation: the Ghisa line

For us, however, classic does not mean not innovating; on the contrary. If white porcelain is an evergreen for tables, it is precisely because it continues to evolve, always true to itself in its ethereal beauty and unparalleled elegance. “We always try to give added value to customers, and it is they themselves who help us and direct us to understand their needs and those of the market,” Cinzia Gualdo, at the microphone of HORECA International Magazine, continues to tell at our stand at HostMilano 2023. 

This is how the Ghisa line was born: “items already present in white in our catalog, but with a completely different finish“. And it is precisely these pans, soup and oval plates, trays, finger food items, the baking dishes and salad bowls that are going mainstream in all markets around the world. “We call it cast iron because it is a dark gray color, but it is soft to the touch and gives a different completion effect“, explains the Sales Manager. Ghisa line is a meeting of the classy world of white porcelain and that of the resistance typical of ferrous materials, which are recalled only aesthetically. A range of original and out-of-the-ordinary containers to surprise, in the most refined style possible that also stands out for all the advantages that the best porcelain offers.

The full interview with Cinzia Gualdo, MPS Porcellane PM, at HostMilano

The future of the Ho.Re.Ca. market with porcelain

Everything is becoming smarter and more sustainable. This is not a current fad, but an established trend in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector as well. Growing food service equipment, like the entire professional hospitality market, are positive signs for a future that holds new opportunities for us. We are sustainable by nature and have innovation in our blood

A small preview of upcoming MPS Porcellane innovations: “we are looking for a different finish, with reactive glazes“, Cinzia Gualdo reveals in conclusion. 

We just have to keep on being creative, with a genius that can bring out the value of food and the professionalism of our customers. We look forward to seeing you at the next HostMilano, the 44th edition to be held October 17-21, 2025.