23 November 2022

The essentials for every type of catering: porcelain tableware

In any type of event or celebration, there is a common element that can always make a difference: the presentation of the menu, all the more […]
9 November 2022

How to serve a pasta dish: porcelain for perfection

Life is a combination of pasta and magic, Fellini said.  How can anyone blame him? Even Italians agree, who consume an average of more than 23 […]
19 October 2022

Adding vegan and vegetarian dishes to your restaurant menu and how to present them

The addition of vegetarian and vegan options to restaurant menus is not a passing trend; instead, it is part of efforts to make the restaurant environmentally […]
5 October 2022

The porcelain tableware for every type of restaurant

Much more than just a place to eat, restaurants have become a gathering place where diners increasingly seek an escape for a multi-sensory dining experience.  In […]
21 September 2022

The presentation of each type of buffet with MPS porcelain

When people say buffet they usually think of breakfast served in a hotel, but in reality the term is understood rather broadly to include multiple types […]
7 September 2022

Not just porcelain: the materials offered by MPS for exceptional tableware

Choosing the right tableware for your catering business can be difficult as there are many options, some of which may seem at first glance to be […]
24 August 2022

Miniature line: perfection for serving excellent side dishes

The meaning of the famous phrase “no man is an island” is deep and enhances something that well applies to any aspect of our lives, including […]
10 August 2022

Serving fish dishes with class at the table: porcelain MPS

Presenting carefully prepared food is an art to which more and more attention is being paid. A restaurant may be “Instagrammable” or simply perfect for social […]
27 July 2022

5 reasons to choose porcelain tableware for your restaurant

Nowadays, even the most skeptical and traditionalist chefs have realized that it is not only the taste of the food served that wins customers in their […]
13 July 2022

The color that attracts customers for your restaurant: white for tableware and design

Without competing for extraordinary promotions, there are a few simple elements that can make the difference and make a restaurant truly successful: quality and style. The […]
29 June 2022

The best sushi served with the class of porcelain

In the world of sushi, where competition is increasingly fierce, what makes the difference is the art of presentation, the arrangement of Hosomaki, Uramaki and Nigiri […]
15 June 2022

How to better present a steak at the table

Presenting a dish at the table to restaurant diners is the final step in the chef’s carefully and meticulously crafted work to highlight the most delicious […]