Not a simple set of dishes: all kinds of porcelain tableware


Table items are the dishes or crockery that are mainly used for dining, serving, and decorating the table. The arrangement of tableware varies from one occasion to another and also depends on culture, kitchens, number of guests and other factors, without neglecting the personal taste and creativity of the chef. 

At MPS Porcellane, we provide all kinds of tableware to meet all needs and help our customers bring class and design to the table for a presentation that will leave a lasting impression. It all starts with a great material: porcelain.

The advantages of porcelain tableware

Porcelain tableware is made from the finest material among ceramics, which also include earthenware, stoneware, and majolica. Tableware is not only plates, in the common sense of the word, but also bowls, salad bowls, baking dishes, risers, cups, and all the kitchen items that are used to present food at the table but also cook it.

Porcelain is produced by firing quality raw materials at high temperatures to create products with excellent properties for daily and professional use.

Durable and resistant

Tableware made of porcelain is best known for its strength and durability. Although they look fragile, they possess high strength and can withstand the heaviest professional use without problems. This is why they can also be washed in the dishwasher, an advantage that makes the work of restaurateurs and Ho.Re.Ca. professionals in no small way easier.

Suitable for use in the oven, microwave and freezer

MPS porcelain tableware can be used in the oven, microwave and, in the induction version, even on the induction stove. Moreover, heat is evenly distributed and maintained so that dishes can be served directly at the table, at the right temperature, without losing their original taste. After cooling, they can also be used for food storage in the freezer and are resistant to thermal shock up to 250 Celsius degrees. 

Linea Buffet

Elegance and design characterize the finest porcelain, Buffet line

Perfect surface

Porcelain tableware has a smooth, non-porous texture, so it is easy to clean and food does not stick. This amazing material does not absorb liquids, so it allows you to cook any kind of food while maintaining desired tastes and aromas. Certified for food contact by ICQ, MPS porcelain products contain no chemicals and are safe for cooking and serving your culinary creations.

Endless options

Porcelain tableware comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to meet a wide variety of needs and create the perfect presentation for any style of restaurant and environment. 

The types of tableware for your restaurant

Choosing porcelain as the best material for your business is only the starting point. You will need dishes and tableware that match the type of cuisine, style of presentation, and even the portion sizes of your menu.

Each item has a specific purpose, and it is essential to consider the size: a large baking dish will not be needed to cook a single portion of food, while serving an entrée in a small dishware will not allow the chef to best express his or her brilliance with the elegance of the most sophisticated decorations. 

Porcelain baking dishes and containers

The right presentation of every dish starts with preparation. With Gastronorm you can choose baking dishes of all sizes, the most suitable for your preparation. In fact, the line, in Basic, Gourmet and Induction declinations, follows the standardization system of containers for professional use. You can also choose Grand Buffet Roasting, round, oval or rectangular baking dishes with the option to request the exterior coloring that will best match the kitchen idea you have in mind.

Then there’s the convenience of serving fine stews directly in round, oval or rectangular casseruole, thanks to the strong handles that don’t get hot, or an innovation that smacks of the contemporary: Clever for single portions ready to be presented for any occasion. Then there is the unmistakable class of the Pirofile line for baking cakes and savory dishes, in items with all the advantages of the best porcelain and with stylish, sophisticated design in bright hues or warm tones that combine gracefully.

Linee Casserule

Perfect for cooking, great for serving: Casseruole line

Dishes and complementary items

The porcelain creations of MPS Porcellane are certainly not the usual “dishes”. Square, round and deep plates are colored with the artistic touch in the Handpainted line, among exclusively hand-painted items; while colorful foods find the most impactful contrasts on the unique aesthetic of Porcellana Ardesia.

Simple practicality in the Hotel line with stick and fish plates or dishes designed for a meeting of sauces and flavors, such as the tris plate. Tradition or a touch of romance among the waves and classic shapes of Barocco and Millenium, while a dinnerware set is only truly complete with Complementi: sections plates, sushi plates, snails pans and pizza plates, each in the right place, at the right time. 

The tables of starred restaurants cannot be without the small delicacies contained in Miniatures, for snacks or to accompany butter.

Linea Handpainted

Matching combinations that enhance colors, with the Handpainted line

Salad bowls and more

The versatility of bowls for serving a variety of dishes is increasingly taking center stage. Who said that only side dishes can be served in the smooth round salad bowl, Grand Buffet line? 

The practicality of the oblique buffet cup, Buffet line, is ideal for responding to modern consumer trends, enhanced with Handware, which revisits the concept of presentation with items that fit comfortably in one hand. The simplicity of convenient and multipurpose objects, such as bowls, becomes inspiration with the Simple line: oval and round salad bowls are much more than containers, an expression of the study of beauty and harmony. The magic continues in the oval basket, Millenium line, and the natural elegance of the Conchiglia line

Dessert and starter plates

Balancing size and shape, items designed for appetizers, finger foods, and desserts tell figures and art. Smaller than other porcelain items, containers of creativity, flavors and stories, they can add an original touch to your meals. 

The Finger line was created to spoil guests and customers in original and unique line games: finger armchair seats appetizers and delicacies, finger hexagon allows you to create combinations of black and white pieces for an elegant puzzle of colors and flavors

Cups of different shapes and sizes and snack plates enhance the appetizer of dips and savories presented with the Miniature line and carried in triumph on versatile porcelain trays. Here are places of honor for the finest cakes, from modern or traditional pastry: naturally elegant square risers, with Porcellana Ardesia, or the ergonomic flat stand, Handware line. Shapes built to amaze in the cake stand, Complementi line, and more classic with Millenium, but without neglecting the Made in Italy design imprint of our porcelain.


Sweet clouds enhanced by chic presentation, Porcellana ardesia line

Porcelain cups for every style

A meal is not complete without the character ending added by coffee, especially if we are talking about Italian restaurants. You cannot start the day without a cappuccino and a good tea gives a break to the most frenetic days. There is a cup created especially to help bar and restaurant customers fully savor every moment of pleasure. 

The Tazze line allows you to choose from a variety of coffee, cappuccino and breakfast cup styles, with the option of logo personalization. MPS’s porcelain cups are all coordinated with an elegant saucer, which is also extremely useful and functional. 

Cup saucers, in fact, prevent tables and surfaces from being damaged by heat and are useful for resting the spoon, as well as catching splashes and drops from the cup. Essential for not getting burned, saucers also serve to help cool tea, coffee or cappuccino. Nothing is missing with the Loulè and Lamego sugar bowl and rectangular sachets holder.

Excellent aesthetics for MPS Porcellane items

When you want to cook and present extraordinary dishes, you need the right tools in the kitchen: porcelain is the best material for professionals, and not only. Choosing MPS Porcellane means preferring quality, guaranteed by a company with more than 30 years of experience, constantly striving for excellence to continue innovating and coming up with new products to meet customers’ needs. 

Each item is created with the person who will use it in mind and is made by enhancing the qualities of porcelain, for products that are valuable allies of the best chefs.