Porcelain cups and bowls are better than plates

When we talk about kitchen tableware, we think above all of plates: starter, flat, soup, fruit or dessert plates and of a wide variety of sizes and shapes. But in the kitchen and on the tables there is much more. Tableware includes trays, casseroles, baking dishes, stands and above all bowls and salad bowls.

It is exactly these latter products, the bowls, that on several occasions can prove to be better than “plates” in the most traditional and common sense of the word. Just think about 2020: eating at a restaurant was something difficult to accomplish because of the pandemic, the closures and curfews that many had to experience. Informal lunches and dinners at home, takeout menus for restaurants, and new organization, driven by a philosophy of fast but healthy, have seen an increased use of bowls.

A simple rediscovery of cups and salad bowls for convenience or something more? 

Salad bowl Ghisa line: beyond the usual bowl

Salad bowl Ghisa line: beyond the usual bowl

Why food tastes better in bowls, cups, and salad bowls

Between classic uses, such as the salad bowl, and new ones, such as the emerging poké, food tastes different and even better in bowls, in porcelain of course.

Portion control

By choosing a porcelain bowl, the food is more collected and, because of that, it seems to be in larger quantities. Research from Cornell University has also shown how large plates can distort your perception of how much food you actually have on your plate. In contrast, using smaller bowls and plates makes you more likely to reduce the amount of food. Nutritionists claim that this style of eating is not only healthy, but highly satisfying and is also helpful in losing weight. 

With a bowl, it’s easier to create a balanced meal and the chef’s creativity plays a key role with a combination of ingredients and colors in one serving that includes the main course and side dish in the right amounts.

One versatile container 

Pasta, salads, soups, cereals, sauces, vegetables, cookies. One porcelain bowl is big enough to hold an entire meal balanced with meat, vegetables and sauces. Useful for breakfast, lunch and dinner – the possibilities for use are endless

Bowls are a great way to reduce the number of kitchen items needed. Fine dining restaurants used to use several plates, which included one for butter, bread, a plate for each course and for dessert. Trends change and so the Ho.Re.Ca. industry is adapting to the new fashions as well: a modern presentation, with less tableware to reduce waste. Bowls in a professional kitchen can be used to present appetizers, main dishes and desserts: a simple and easy way to serve all types of food.

Home comfort, professional

Also not to be underestimated is the “home” effect that can be conveyed by using porcelain bowls and salad cups in restaurants of all styles. Holding a bowl in your hands manages to convey a feeling of intimacy, closeness and familiarity. A way of eating that not only tastes like home, every time we have lunch or dinner at a restaurant table, but also modern: wherever we are, we are always on the move. 

For this style, the Handware line by MPS, designed to fit comfortably in one hand, is unbeatable. Ideal for buffets, but not only, with its small size but perfect for modern consumption, dictated by speed but with rhythms that allow you to appreciate a dish unique in its kind. The Handware line, in refined white porcelain, goes well with any type of food and presentation, representing an elegant alternative to traditional tableware.

Handware line reinterprets classic presentations

Handware line reinterprets classic presentations

Perfect aesthetic

It is not for nothing that the circle is a perfect geometric figure, the form of welcome, capable of bringing out all the ingredients equally in its porcelain bowl version. Presenting a dish in a bowl satisfies the aesthetics thanks to the possibility of bringing out colors and combinations that otherwise would not occur on larger and flatter items. Fragrances, textures, tones come together and concentrate, also keeping the dish warm.

Porcelain salad bowls and cups are also an extra help to chefs, especially if they are just starting out: presenting food in this way makes it possible to avoid errors in arrangement that can occur on common dishes. All professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector know very well how important aesthetics is in a presentation: customers begin to evaluate the kitchen with their eyes, and then they taste it.

Porcelain bowls for endless possibilities

Better than a plate, more than just a simple bowl, porcelain salad bowls and cups are a must-have accessory for kitchens of professionals and not. 

Porcelain enhances the functionality of this tableware thanks to its intrinsic characteristics: resistance and the possibility of use in the oven and microwave make it possible to prepare quick meals and dishwasher washing makes it even faster to clean the items used.

The non-porous surface ensures that the original flavors of the prepared courses are not compromised and mixed, while the dishes remain warm, not only because the food is served in an enveloping product that tends to be small, but thanks to the properties of a noble and professional material. 

The quality of MPS porcelain is the basis for every chef’s most unique creativity: design and functionality meet in our lines and products:

Oblique buffet cup, Ghisa line

The elegance of black welcomes and honors savory and sweet recipes, creating natural or refined contrasts.

Plain salad bowl, Handpainted line

Creative culinary adventures between the uniqueness of hand-coloring and the smooth shine of the exterior. 

Oblique buffet cup, Buffet line

The evolution of the representation par excellence of the porcelain bowl. A container that expresses design in its simple functionality. Available in various sizes, with black and white colors.

Simple elegance, Buffet line

Simple elegance, Buffet line

Oval salad bowl, Hotel line

Products developed and created for daily professional use, without neglecting the elegance of modern shapes and classic colors that give class and style to any dish.

Round salad bowl, Simple line

Beyond the perfection of the circle, there is the oval, with the ability to embrace not only salads, but also the most unexpected courses, between contemporaneity and classicism with a style suitable for any presentation.

Amazing accessories for stylish presentations, which also have a feature that makes porcelain bowls even more convenient: the high, cozy edges prevent messy mixing and eating of the contained food. Who says “plates” are better?