Porcelain ware and oven: a perfect match

Linea Pirofile

Porcelain tableware can withstand very high temperatures and has a key feature, very appreciated not only by professional chefs: food cooks evenly thanks to optimal heat distribution, so you get a perfect crispness on the outside and a delicate soft texture on the inside. 

However, not all porcelain dishes are the same. As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to get some efficient tableware that can be a valuable ally in professional kitchens: smart cooks plan to use products that can go from the refrigerator or stovetop to the oven, grill or microwave and then to the dishwasher. This planning is standard for caterers, but it becomes even more important when tables fill up and customers expect quick, precise service with dishes that rise to the occasion.

The quality of porcelain for kitchen and tableware

Porcelain tableware is a wide range of ceramic products used daily, fired at high temperature to achieve glassy qualities. The porcelain articles of MPS Porcellane are made with a mixture of feldspathic porcelain consisting of feldspar, top quality quartz and kaolin from Limoges. Thanks to the method of processing and firing at high temperatures, porcelain is an extremely durable material, despite a smooth, shiny, almost ethereal surface that makes it look delicate.

Used for a multitude of purposes, including the creation of tiles and furnishings such as sinks, porcelain finds its most congenial use in the kitchen: cookware, dishes, accessories and more, to provide essential and inspiring starting points for chefs. With a non-porous texture that is both impact and chip resistant, porcelain items are suitable for the heaviest professional use and are easy to clean, including being dishwasher safe. Versatile and available in many shapes, sizes and colors, they can also be used for cooking: MPS porcelain is the perfect heat partner.

Linea Pirofile

Pirofile line, perfect for the oven, with warm and elegant tones

Can porcelain items be used in the oven and microwave?

An item is oven- and microwave-safe when the material from which it is made does not break down, damage, or release toxic chemicals during its use. Using safe items in the oven and microwave is important not only for successful cooking but also for your health. 

Our porcelain is fired at temperatures as high as 1300 degrees Celsius: it is this processing that makes porcelain products extremely durable and heat resistant. Therefore, unlike other porcelain items, MPS products can withstand the high temperature of conventional ovens and microwaves

To know if a porcelain set can be used in the oven, it is helpful to check the bottom of the product or check the manufacturer’s directions. Usually symbols are used to indicate the possibility of use of the piece: horizontal waves are used for microwaves, while vertical waves are used for traditional ovens. 


MPS Porcellane products are suitable for use in the oven and microwave.

Lover of hot, ideal for cold: the MPS Porcelain baking dishes

Porcelain tableware is really practical: it easily fits in the oven, refrigerator and microwave, and can even be used for induction cooking. The strength of the porcelain MPS allows the transfer from freezer to oven and vice-versa, with appropriate gradual transition but a tolerance to thermal shock up to 250 degrees centigrade. 

The Gastronorm line dishes are guaranteed for use in the oven and are also ideal for cooking in the microwave. Stackable and sized in accordance with the standardization system of containers for professional use, they offer endless possibilities to chefs: perfect cooking in a container designed to meet the needs of professionals, with all the resistance of a material expertly processed to highlight its qualities, starting with the natural combination of love and heat. 

Porcelain is an insulator of both heat and electricity, in fact it is also used to make electrical insulators. The fact that porcelain does not conduct heat makes it an excellent material for making bakery items. The heat is distributed evenly and gradually, making the porcelain dishes impeccable for cooking food slowly and maintaining the heat for a long time, in order to serve dishes hot and at the right temperature, for an excellent dining experience.

The Pirofile line completes your idea of catering and creativity with items designed for professionals who seek the best quality porcelain without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Cordonata Impilabile eases storage and brings sophisticated pieces to the table, with refined, classy, white decorations. But there’s more: also black and shades of brown, for a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your presentations. Dishes of various sizes and shapes with different depths are perfect for cooking, serving and storing all kinds of food. 

Linea Gastronorm

The Gastornorm line, also for induction stoves, is designed to anticipate our customers’ needs.

Heat and innovation with MPS porcelain products

Porcelain items are indispensable in the kitchens of professionals. Thanks to their durability, they can be used without problems in the oven and microwave, but there is more. With the aim of anticipating the needs of our customers, we constantly offer innovative products, such as the Gastronorm Induction line. The harmony between heat and porcelain is enhanced even more with induction cooking, a trend that is winning over more and more chefs for its undeniable efficiency advantages with significant energy savings and more safety.  

Why not use porcelain for induction cooking as well? From this question began the search for a solution that could provide the best answer and combine the benefits of induction cooking with those of porcelain. The biggest challenge was finding the perfect balance of heating to keep the porcelain from breaking. Thus was born the harmony of porcelain dishes suitable for induction cooking.

It is about containers dedicated to professionals who seek excellence in items with standardized dimensions. There is a wide range of colors available, external and full color, to enrich the presentation of dishes, also prepared in respect of the environment. In the Induction line you can find all the qualities of porcelain and the possibility of using the products in the oven and dishwasher. The only difference is that, for items made for use with induction cooking, microwave use is not recommended. 

Heat and porcelain for excellent presentations

Choosing the best tableware is essential to optimize its use in the kitchen. Items that can withstand high temperatures and use in the oven, including microwave, are indispensable for professionals. The resilience of porcelain makes MPS Porcelain items perfect for the most demanding chefs. Heat is an ideal partner, not only in terms of cooking and presentation temperature, but also to create a cozy atmosphere. Warm colors such as caramel for the Pirofile line, or the charm of black for all Gastronorm products. To bring homemade warmth to the table, the Stoneware line is excellent, with brown and honey tones that remind you of the fireplace, with a timeless style that matches even the most modern culinary presentations.