Room service: the best presentation with porcelain tableware

An exceptional dining experience for luxury hotels is not only about the restaurant, but room service as well. A moment dedicated to yourself that defines a new concept of a break and never tires the most demanding guests. Consuming a rich breakfast, a good lunch or an unforgettable dinner directly in your hotel room is something that influences the overall assessment of the stay. An opportunity to amaze guests, to be taken care of in every detail, presentation first and foremost, to exceed their expectations.

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Elegance and functionality for quick service at the ideal temperature, Cordonata impilabile

3 rules for perfect room service

The origin of room service dates back several centuries, when it was the guest who personally went to the front desk to request these services. Introduced by New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel in the first half of the nineteenth century as a symbol of dedication to the guest, amid the hotel’s class and luxury, room service is now indispensable for all establishments that want to stand out. Although in more recent years this offering was little exploited, since the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic things have changed and room service has confirmed its importance and interest on the part of customers, who continue to appreciate it.

Room service is more than just delivering food and drinks to guests, and its impact can go far beyond a welcome offer that influences opinion about the hotel. Having the ability to order any kind of dish 24/7 may, in fact, already be a reason why the hotel is chosen. Excellent room service can lend additional luster to online reviews, which are increasingly used when choosing a destination and place for a vacation or business stay. Whatever the reason for the request, from a quick snack to an important meeting, hotel guests will have very high expectations not to be disappointed.

The care and details that are dispensed in every room and service of the hotel to pamper and surprise guests will need to be repeated in room service to make an impression. In every moment of preparation, there is one thing that will always come in handy: porcelain tableware, from cooking to sophisticated and elegant presentation, always in practical functionality.

1. Quick and personalized room service

Customers who order room service expect to receive their food quickly. Therefore, anything that takes more than thirty minutes to prepare should not be included on the dedicated menu. It will be important to prioritize the order so that it can be fulfilled as quickly as possible. As soon as the in-room dining dishes have been cooked and plated, the hotel service staff should immediately deliver the food to the guest’s room. Of course, in the speed of response, it is always important that guests can customize their order, for example, by choosing the cooking of meat or specifying dietary needs, including vegan or certain allergen-free diets.

MPS Porcelain cookware is an indispensable tool for achieving the goal of speed. In fact, the beauty of porcelain baking dishes will make it possible to perfectly cook any type of meat, fish and side dish, following the customer’s requests, and to present the ready meal straight in the container. Cordonata impilabile is an example of how durability designed for professional use can turn into the refined form of elegant and classy objects. At the same time, these are essential porcelain baking dishes, pans, bakeware, molds, and plates that, in their simplicity, along with single white, black or mixed colors in shades of brown, do not challenge the aesthetics of the food, toward which the guest’s eyes should focus. 

Not only a stylish presentation, straight from the oven, including microwave, to the guest’s room, but also quick cleanup. In fact, the nonporous surface of MPS porcelain ware makes cleaning easier because it does not absorb grease and odors, and all porcelain can be washed in the dishwasher. This also speeds up the time it takes to use the containers so that they are always bright and without a single stain.

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Essential beauty that enhances the chef’s creations, Hotel line

2. Prefer quality over quantity for an always perfect menu

It is important to have a varied and high-quality menu, with dishes prepared with fresh, carefully selected ingredients. The menu should be simple and never complex. Too many options and externally elaborate dishes are often the cause of negative reviews and complaints because they lead to delays in service. The more items offered on the room service menu, the higher the likelihood that a hotel guest will receive the wrong or poorly prepared order because the kitchen staff, although highly professional, will have to deal with multiple requests at once. Not to mention food waste and unnecessary production costs. The best practice for room delivery is to focus on a small number of plates and prepare them in a way that creates a special experience.

In addition, it is essential that food is served at the ideal temperature and in the right quantities. To ensure this, it is important that the kitchen and room service staff work in synergy, communicating with each other to ensure that each dish is prepared and served at the right time. Depending on the size of the hotel, the food ordered may otherwise get cold in the time it takes to transport it from the kitchen to the guest room. The right equipment must be used to keep the food warm during the transit period, starting with porcelain containers that are able to retain the heat to present the food at the proper temperature. Hotel line is versatility for all Ho.Re.Ca. professionals, capable of enhancing traditional and innovative menus. Baking dishes, oval and round plates, fish and steak dishes, salad bowls and pans are versatile, durable and lightweight porcelain items for everyday use that accompany professionals from the kitchen to the restaurant table and to the service room. Available in various sizes and colors to enhance any course.

3. Neat presentation to amaze with porcelain

Food presentation is a crucial element of room service. Everything must be studied down to the smallest detail to emphasize the quality of the hotel and the cuisine in particular, never deviating too much from the style of the furnishings and creating perfect combinations of colors, textures and feel. Way of serving and presentation should always be professional: the trolley should carry any food warmers and always a lid to ensure the safety of the food, taking into account the proper handling of ingredients. Everything should be clean and introduced in the right spaces, to avoid it looking too full or, on the contrary, empty. Of course, napkins, cutlery and everything else needed to allow the guest to eat comfortably should not be missing. If the order is to be accommodated on the table, it too will need to be carefully and thoughtfully decorated, while if trays are to be used, care should be taken to ensure that they are durable, such as those made of porcelain. MPS Porcelain’s Vassoi line offers pieces of all kinds, which serve not only to carry plates and containers, but also to help enhance the aesthetics of the presentation. Choose from rectangular and square trays in various sizes and colors, with or without handles for multiple uses. Instead of the classic bright and smooth porcelain, you can also opt for slate-effect rectangular plates, Porcellana ardesia line, or a rough and tough, out-of-the-box surface with Mandarin black‘s elegant anthracite color.

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To present room service orders in an original way, Mandarin black line

For in-room order treat containers, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Emphasize the modern, colorful character of your hotel with Handpainted, in an tribute to contemporary art. Exclusively hand-painted artisanal pieces provide the setting for pastas, salads, and premium filet cuts as if in a museum of chef’s flair. Or you can focus on the classic, in a formal yet family-friendly atmosphere, with Barocco, an icon of timeless elegance. Serving dishes for prestigious presentations that know how to validate your idea of elegance. Finally, small details that enrich the service: Miniature line lends itself to accompanying the meal with delicious giveaways such as chocolates or small desserts.

Perfection is in the room service philosophy

In order to exceed the expectations of the customer who uses a hotel’s in-room delivery service, it is essential to focus everything on professionalism, which is undoubtedly about speed of service, but also, and most importantly, about quality. It is not enough to bring the order as requested, but it is necessary to impress with a superior level of presentation. Porcelain tableware is an essential aid to an ideal order entry. In addition, our philosophy of excellence meets market trends and consumer preferences while also respecting the environment. Offering a fine shrimp tartare on a disposable container will not only belittle the dish, but also affect the hotel’s image on environmental friendliness. Porcelain is durable and eco-friendly, made from a mixture of natural raw materials, sourced from the earth, to create porcelain items through manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on the environment. Beauty and functionality of porcelain are the answer to your customers’ demands, even for excellent room service.