Serving fish dishes with class at the table: porcelain MPS

Ispirazione naturale con la linea Conchiglia

Presenting carefully prepared food is an art to which more and more attention is being paid. A restaurant may be “Instagrammable” or simply perfect for social platforms because of its beautiful design, VIP customers or out-of-the-box promotional gimmicks, but the truth is that the main character will always and only be one: the food served at the customer’s table.

Of course there is the recipe, the practice and precision of cooking, and the importance of using high-quality ingredients, especially if we are talking about fish, which must always be very fresh. And then the presentation, which is essential to make all guests look mouth-watering. 

Presentazioni di pesce sorprendenti, linea Simple

Amazing fish presentations, Simple line

How to present a fish dish at your restaurant table

When it comes to fish cooked and served to perfection, the ideal is to be able to balance beauty and taste. It starts with choosing the best fish, culminating in serving much more of a sea-inspired menu.

The perfect fish cooking

The key is to choose the best ingredients and create flavorful sauces in which to brown salmon, sea bream, or trout to perfection. Some chefs use herbs, such as thyme, rosemary and sage, but without stems; others recommend being generous with the butter.

 The trick is to let the surface brown, with added spices, for an irresistible crunch.

The container used to cook fish makes all the difference: it must be nonstick and not absorb flavors and sauces. Porcelain is the answer: you can use the rectangular baking dishes from the Grand Buffet Roasting line, which are available in multiple sizes to perfectly fit the shape of the food and not lose a single drop of delicious sauce. MPS porcelain is suitable for cooking in the oven, even microwaves, and its nonporous surface leaves textures and taste unaltered. If you prefer oval shapes, you can choose the baking dish from the Cordonata Stackable line: its elegant, finely crafted edges also add a touch of class when serving directly to the table. 

The arrangement of fish and decorations on the base for presentation

The rules for elegantly arranging fish on the container that will accompany it to the restaurant table are simple: symmetry and minimalism. And never go directly to the plate to serve it: beware of excess cooking liquid, which can compromise the presentation.

In the arrangement, whether morsels of fish or whole slices, there should never be overlapping or crowding; there should be enough space between the various elements to avoid a confusing result. Add an extra touch with surprising effects by making use of garnishes such as colored sauces: brush with a spoon and let the sauce slide in, or use an eyedropper to create a Pop Art-inspired “painting.” 

The important thing is not to leave the fish “alone” in its container, because you risk getting a result far from the elegant minimalism you seek. It is therefore time to let creativity take over, without exaggeration, and, above all, with the right base from which to start.

Ispirazione naturale con la linea Conchiglia

Small masterpieces in the kitchen with the Miniature line

The right container for serving fish: porcelain

Shapes and lines rhyme with functionality when it comes to choosing the right container to present a fish dish. It should not be assumed that any type of base will do.

There are dishes specifically for fish, while others can have multiple functions, but the important thing is to find the right balance between colors, shapes and practicality. Porcelain provides, among other advantages, the ability to keep the temperature of the food it contains, thanks to its ability to retain heat. In addition, MPS porcelain items can be washed in the dishwasher, simplifying the management of organization and courses in a busy restaurant. 

If you choose to serve a whole fish, the Hotel line fish plate is perfect: the right size allows you to balance the position of the food, putting a delicious salmon, tasty sea bass or fresh trout center stage. Drape oval corners, designed specifically for a simpler arrangement, with colorful vegetable garnishes and make your mark with artistic sauces. White goes with everything. If you’re looking for more regular shapes, the contemporary oval fish plate, Simple line, is for you: the undisputed star is the culinary flair of the better chef. 

Or dare with unusual shapes and colors. A black ladle plate, Conchiglia line, is provocatively paired with the soft pink of a scaled slice that is highlighted more prominently, while the fish plate, which repurposes the shape of this animal species, is the basis for creativity that is never too showy. Oyster shell dish and fish, Miniature line, are the finishing touches to accompany complete courses: fill them with sauces and decorations to flavor delicate garnishes for theMini oyster main course of the menu. Grilled vegetables, lemon wedges and mint lend freshness to a mackerel lying in the elegance of oval fish platter, Barocco line, while wavy margins like the waves of the sea cradle a swordfish on the plate dedicated to fish from the Millenium line.

Ispirazione naturale con la linea Conchiglia

Natural inspiration with the Conchiglia line

MPS Porcelain expertise for stellar fish courses

To the question “how to present a fish course,” as tasty as it is healthy, the answer is to be guided by the functional creativity of MPS porcelain items. Play with shapes and colors, combine containers that resemble the silhouette of a fish with more traditional lines, but characterized by elegance, in a simplicity that never fails. In the kitchen, you can count on the value of a material perfect for the most demanding chefs and the fine workmanship of a company that is a reference point in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector for supplying top-quality porcelain. The fish is served, Instagram-proof.