Size matters: choosing the right dish


Baking dishes are an indispensable item in all kitchens. It is basically a container, usually without handles, which is used to bake especially long cooking foods, and it is perfect for serving prepared food directly to the table. Available in various shapes, rectangular, square, or oval and round, it can be used in the oven: “pirofila” literally means from the ancient Greek “lover of heat”. Made from a variety of materials, including glass, porcelain or stoneware, baking pans are the stars of professional kitchens and beyond.

The best material for baking dishes: porcelain

Absolutely not to be confused with a pan, baking dishes are not all the same and each size has its own characteristics and functions, also determined by the material they are made.

The perfect material for a baking dish is porcelain: capable of distributing heat evenly during cooking and maintaining it for a long time once on the table, it is highly resistant to high temperatures. Therefore the combination of baking dishes and porcelain is perfect for cooking in the oven and even in the microwave. In addition, MPS porcelain products can also be used in the freezer for food preservation: after cooling, they are resistant to thermal shock up to 250 degrees Celsius, making porcelain dishes usable in almost every condition. Impact resistant and dishwasher safe, MPS porcelain showcases the versatility of a noble material in elegant shapes designed for everyday professional use.

Not only porcelain, but also cast iron: an even more durable material. MPS Porcellane’s Ghisa line is represented by unique items, again in feldspar porcelain but with a black, matte finish that lends style and quality to traditional and innovative presentations, with a touch of rustic warmth. 


Oval roasting dish, Ghisa line, brings a tale of style to the table

Porcelain baking dishes with the perfect size

Choosing shapes and sizes of an oven dish is not as easy a task as you might think. Is a rectangular or square baking dish better? With what size? Where are sweets best baked and where are savory? Obviously, the answer depends on the type of dish you have in mind and the quantities of each course. However, there is a system that can help professionals with this evaluation.

The Gastronorm standardization system of containers for professional use

It was the 1960s when several Swiss hospitality associations came together to sign a document declaring standardized sizes for all professional kitchen equipment, such as pans, baking dishes, trays, baskets and other items. 

Gastronomical-Normal, or “Gastro-norm” was the name given to the newly developed standard. Although originally intended only for use in Switzerland, manufacturers throughout Europe began adopting the standard shortly after its development because of the benefits it brought, including organization and efficiency. Gastro-norm standards reduce storage, transportation and handling to a common denominator, making purchasing, equipment compatibility and kitchen use easier and more efficient.

The different dimensions of GN relate to length and width, usually given in metric measurements. Different depths, and therefore capacities, are also offered. The basic size of the Gastronorm is GN 1/1 (325×530 mm) and from this size derive the dimensions of all other containers, as its fraction or multiple. Fractional sizing is one of the main factors that makes GN containers interchangeable. For example, in a counter with GN 1/1 capacity, you can use two GN 1/2 or 2/4 containers, or even one 1/2 and two 1/4 items, or other combinations that make presentations and storage especially easy and versatile. The main fractional dimensions correspond to these measurements:

  • GN1/1 is 530 x 325 mm
  • GN1/2 is 325 x 265 mm
  • GN1/3 is 325 x 176 mm
  • GN1/4 is 265 x 162 mm
  • GN1/6 is 176 x 162 mm
  • GN2/3 is 354 x 325 mm
  • GN2/4 is 530 x 162 mm

Dimensioni Gastronorm

All Gastronorm sizes

The Gastronorm line by MPS Porcellane

There’s a reason why among the most commonly used baking dishes in professional kitchens, the 1/2 size, i.e. 32 x 26.5 cm, are the favorite: they are perfect for an incredible variety of appetizers, desserts and pasta dishes. Think of lasagna, baked pasta, vegetable casseroles, as well as flavorful roasts and more. And not only hot dishes, but also desserts, such as the famous tiramisù, can show off their unbeatable presentation in the sparkling white of Gastronorm basic. Or the total color of Gastronorm gourmet that matches decorations and emphasizes with a touch of vitality the shades of vegetables, or completes innovative combinations. Gastronorm induction offers all the practicality of the standard system with the possibility of use for induction cooking. The entire Gastronorm line is obviously available in several sizes and colors, in order to satisfy any need. 


Gastronorm line, Made in Italy, offers endless culinary possibilities

Cordonata 992: an impeccable style

What would a kitchen be without oval porcelain baking dishes? The Cordonata 992 line has a simple yet irresistibly elegant design, capable of styling all courses. Available in a variety of sizes, it is ideal for foods that require the proper space, even for leavening. From potato dumplings to cakes, there’s no limit to the versatility of MPS porcelain baking dishes, designed for incredible performances without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. With just a glance, you can see an amazing attention to details in every line, the same attention you pay to your kitchen. Sophisticated colors, black or white, and warm shades of brown accompany the triumph of style.

MPS Porcellane products: quality to impress

There is no substitute for a baking dish, one of the most valuable tools in the kitchen. Its unique ability to heat evenly and gently is what makes it so special. A baking tray might have the same baking function, but it will never be able to provide the same results, and more importantly, it will not be able to match the extraordinary presentation at the table that a porcelain dish can provide. 

Baking dishes are a timeless item that will last a long time with the right care. At MPS Porcellane, we believe that every piece of tableware has a specific purpose, and that’s why we continue to study and create innovative porcelain products of high quality and able to anticipate the needs of professionals: buying the right baking dish means having endless culinary possibilities to impress customers and guests.