The beauty of simplicity: minimal porcelain tableware offers more

Essenziale funzionalità, linea Simple

A well-set table is a work of art. When minimalism is not just design but a style, the essential aesthetic, clean and always fresh, also takes center stage in the presentation of dishes by professional chefs. Consistencies, shapes and colors create an experience that, with fewer “frills,” offers much more, always with grace and elegance. 

The characteristics of minimal porcelain tableware

Minimalism is a return to basics, a demonstration of how simplicity can give pleasure and beauty: accompanied by refined and elegant tableware, dishes taste better without distractions, in their purest essence.

The color of authenticity

Modern aesthetics often focus on minimizing contrast, limiting colors in the kitchen and using a palette of solid shades while reducing bright colors to a few splashes. This is also a feature adopted in minimalist tableware: dining ware is often only one color and creates a contrasting effect with the dishes it contains, providing an empty frame in keeping with this aesthetic value. Indeed, the simplicity of the soft colors places the focus on the meal itself, rather than the container. An understated elegance that facilitates pairings by adapting to any style of kitchen and décor. For formal dinners or home restaurant dining, minimal tableware is never out of place. The atmosphere relaxes and an authentic sense of tranquility is evoked, where simple, however, does not mean dull.

This is certainly the case with Handware, an icon of the modern style of the dining experience. White porcelain flat and deep plates, bowls, and risers are an alternative to the classic serving platter service that allows you to pause the frenzy of the rapid pace of time. When savoring juicy pastas, succulent main courses, and delicious desserts, everything stops in that moment: even a buffet, while standing and eating, allows to enjoy a moment of sublime, serene conviviality.

Semplicità moderna, linea Handware

Modern simplicity, Handware line

Simply natural

Appreciating what nature has to offer also means embracing a minimal style. Porcelain is a product that comes from the earth and is expertly crafted by our artisans. Although the products are simple, with basic, essential lines, it is always the quality of their workmanship that makes the difference. Natural materials, just like our feldspathic porcelain mixture composed of feldspar, quartz and kaolin, convey a unique feeling of authenticity and tradition that is difficult-if not impossible-to find in other materials. Tableware that is almost raw in its genuine natural aesthetics: the matte, unglazed textures have a depth that is thought-provoking in their splendor of innate elegance. That’s why Stoneware is increasingly winning the hearts of chefs who choose pans, bowls, pots and cake plates to offer traditional dishes in an innovative twist. The semi-matte surface of items in the Stoneware line reflects all the light of baked pastas and fine meats cooked with a distinctive twist. Available in various sizes, shapes and warm shades, from black to shades of brown, without forgetting white, albeit in its less glossy guise.

Calore naturale, linea Stoneware

Natural warmth, Stoneware line 

Design with perfect functionality

If a minimalist lifestyle has an aesthetic appeal in everyday life, tableware is characterized not only by a simplistic design with clean lines for pure and elegant harmony, but also by an advantage of functionality. Mess in the kitchen, let alone at the table, is not allowed. The most “basic” porcelain items are indispensable for ease of storage, organization and cleaning. The versatility of porcelain and MPS items then also allows to reduce the pieces needed to eliminate confusion and make the best use of space. This is precisely why simplicity of form follows function. The design is reduced to the essentials with the very clear function of storing food for eating or cooking. There are no frivolous additions, only useful objects sculpted in balance with their basic vocation. The simplicity of the shapes keeps the focus on the food and its tasting.

Minimal containers do not compete for attention with modern presentations of tartare and gourmet salads; on the contrary, they become the bearers of the message to be conveyed and the style of cooking to be appreciated. The Simple line is a spokesperson for these values, with plain oval plates, baskets, and salad bowls that are simple yet unparalleled in class. Versatility to its utmost expression, these are porcelain tableware that lend themselves to varied and multiple uses, with all the advantages of a material that is always durable and easy to handle.

Essenziale funzionalità, linea Simple

Essential functionality, Simple line

Less is more…green

The principles of minimalism reflect the change in attitude toward quality over quantity and simplicity over complexity. Instead of collecting numerous tableware for every type of table service, porcelain embodies the very philosophy of minimalism. Simplistic tableware can be used on a daily basis, and just as mentioned above, durability and versatility are their added value. Having fewer pieces means more order, easier maintenance, and interchangeability for reduced excess. Superfluous tableware goes unused and can become waste.

The concept of minimalism connects with environmentalism. In fact, natural and not over-processed materials avoid unnecessary production waste and emissions. The use of sustainably made durable pieces, just like porcelain, reduces consumption compared to disposable tableware.

The luxury of minimalist porcelain tableware

Minimal tableware is not simple but a representation of the luxury of wanting to indulge more with fewer frills. A refined aesthetic complements and accompanies the beauty of the finest ingredients for a dining experience that leaves the noise of modernity in the background. The clean design allows the focus to be on what matters in a timeless class honored by MPS porcelain wares. A quality material that tells more than appearance, because with less, you can have more.