The best cake stand that can’t be missing for your event

Contrasti per una preziosa estetica, alzata quadro linea Porcellana Ardesia

When we talk about cake stands, a scenic and majestic presentation of cakes created by the best chefs immediately comes to mind, protagonists of events and celebrations that would be incomplete without sweets. Similarly, a cake stand for sweets and pies is essential to make their perfect presentation in any occasion, whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or an informal buffet.

Bringing to the table a delicious cake embellished with precise decorations expertly designed for the event without the right support would inevitably mean downgrading its impressiveness. Imagine a modern three chocolates cake presented on a banal rustic wooden support: apart from attempts of fusions of styles, it will certainly not be a front page display. 

So there is no doubt: cakes, whether savory or sweet, and pastries must be presented with the right stand.


The Cake Stand, Complementi line, in MPS porcelain combines elegance and strength.

Why always use a cake stand

Cake stands are the perfect companions for all cakes and desserts, a classic accessory that has been used for centuries, yet always modern and able to create the party atmosphere you expect from an event, of any kind. And they’re not just for desserts, thanks to their incredible versatility. 

The stand for the aesthetics of desserts

As you can easily guess from the name, a cake stand has the essential task of supporting the cake and presenting it by placing it on a higher level, so as to enhance its aesthetics. Like a jewel in its own case, illuminated by the lights of an imaginary stage, also the most beautiful cakes, pastries and savory creations deserve their moment of glory.

Often the main focal point of the event, such as during weddings, the cakes need the right riser, which goes far beyond its most basic task of supporting the food, but becomes part of the presentation in its own right, giving sophistication and beauty. 

An optical illusion created by the level of presentation and height, which helps to make the centerpiece’s entrance even more exclusive, is perfect for making the cake appear even larger and more regal, for a truly amazing effect.

For every style there is a MPS Porcellane stand: shapes, colors and sizes for smooth or rougher surfaces in order to play with contrasts and combinations that will satisfy the most demanding cake designers, to create masterpieces that will leave your buffet guests speechless. 

For an event or to display your baked goods in the display case or on the counter, a porcelain stand is the ideal solution with the perfect aesthetic you’re looking for. The discrete nature of the Square Stand, Grand Buffet line, enhances classic apple pies or highlights the details of a frosting embellishment designed to impress in its brilliance. Imagine the contrast of a sprinkling of powdered sugar on the anthracite gray of the Square Stand Ardesia, line Porcellana Ardesia, or opt for alternative presentations of seasonal fruit with the Handware line, contemporary and unusual in its topicality with the Flat Stand

Contrasti per una preziosa estetica, alzata quadro linea Porcellana Ardesia

Contrasts for a precious aesthetics, Square Stand Ardesia, Porcellana Ardesia line

Support for a presentation without surprises

The inconvenience is always lurking. So much effort, preparation and attention to the most minute details could be wasted if the cake is presented on a support that is not up to standard and, above all, not very resistant. Cake stands made of plastic or improvised, even for preparations that seem light, are to be excluded to avoid that just a small move is enough to make the whole support break and inevitably collapse the cake, ruining the event.

When choosing the riser, it is essential to consider the weight of the cake and desserts that will be placed, and the size, to choose the right one. 

Quality and durability of the support are fundamental: porcelain is a perfect material, not only aesthetically, but also in terms of resistance and strength. Among the MPS products, the Millenium line stands also have a solid base that supports fruit or cakes, in oval or round versions, for classic, elegant and timeless presentations, which also lend themselves easily to complete more modern styles. Despite its delicate appearance, porcelain is a durable and easy-to-clean material that can withstand frequent washing, even in the dishwasher.

The stands that complete the design of any event

Considering the type of event and the theme of each buffet, cake and dessert stands are indispensable elements to complete the style of the presentation. Available in various sizes, shapes and colors, they give a touch of elegance and order on the table. Classy basics, they become must-have centerpieces that also help save space for more refined and curated arrangements. Coordinating each decorative element will be easier, for an exceptional final result. 

Romantic decorations embellished by the cake plate of the Barocco line, or dynamic displays with geometric arrangements of several pieces of porcelain square small dish with dimple at center and round dish with square pedestal, Miniature line, and then the versatility of the cake stand, Complementi line, to find the perfect combination in every design. 

Non solo dolci, la versatilità dell’alzata piatto piano, linea Handware

Not only desserts, the versatility of the flat stand, Handware line

Let your imagination run wild with the versatility of porcelain cake stands

Whether it’s for the presentation of a simple cake or a more sophisticated one, porcelain cake stands are the best choice to give a unique aesthetic and complete your event. A homemade cake becomes starry, cupcakes with a modern design are highlighted and you can let your creativity guide you. Giving an artistic touch is easier with a stable and resistant support that can enhance even more creations already excellent in itself. 

Don’t let the explanatory name of cake stands limit the use of these actually very versatile and useful items. They are not only stands to be used for events and weddings, but also for display in shop windows and for original and alternative uses. Savory snacks and finger food are an unusual and interesting example. Decorative, versatile and beautiful, the risers for cakes, desserts and much more, are essential for every restaurateur and operator in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.