The best presentation for the holidays table with porcelain tableware

Linea Ghisa per contrasti sorprendenti a tavola

The holiday season is approaching and at MPS Porcellane we want to help you create the best proposals that will transform the moment of sitting at the tables of your restaurant into a unique experience. Surprise your customers with special effects while they enjoy the holidays with family, friends or co-workers.

All of our items are designed to enhance your recipes and show off their beauty, especially since a stunning visual presentation is key to promoting any type of restaurant.

Gli articoli in porcellana MPS sono la tela per creare un capolavoro

MPS porcelain items are the canvas to create a masterpiece

Christmas presentation for your restaurant’s dishes

Christmas dinner and lunch are undoubtedly an important moment for restaurants and clients: an occasion for families and friends to get together and an opportunity for chefs to show off their preparation and quality. How can you most effectively present a menu designed for the occasion? There are basically three factors to consider in order to offer guests and clients something extraordinary, let’s find out them.

The choice of the serving dish

This step is often overlooked. Choosing the “perfect canvas” will allow you to create contrasting colors and shapes and provide the best presentation for the food. It’s not just a play on words to impress: the food container is really the basis of everything, like a canvas is to a painter.

With MPS you are simply spoilt for choice: every course will have the right crockery, square, rectangular, oval or round. The Gastronorm, Grand Buffet Roasting or Casseruole line will accompany traditional dishes at the table with classic elegance or a touch of genius, depending on your style, straight from the kitchen to the table. Or the Hotel line will be the perfect ally for serving steaks, fish or soups, while starters or appetizers will be laid on the containers of the Finger line

It is not a coincidence that porcelain is the star of tables even on holidays: synonymous with refinement, it is a material that can release all the flavors of the food it presents, thanks to its non-porous texture, which does not absorb water. 

Durable by nature, MPS porcelain tableware can be used in the oven, microwave and even the freezer, with a gradual transition from hot to cold. But that’s not all: with rooms full of people, quick service is also important for Ho.Re.Ca. professionals, aided by easy cleaning and the ability to wash kitchen and tableware in the dishwasher too. 

The right size for a perfect presentation

When we talk about size for the presentation of dishes, we refer to proportion: everything should represent a natural harmony and never forced. It is crucial never to put too much food on the plate, to prevent it from looking messy. A phrase used in multiple sectors applies perfectly in the kitchen as well: “less is more“, better to serve a smaller quantity of food, but with quality. It takes the right amount of time to separate each food item and understand how to best use sizes and shapes in tableware. In general, larger items should be placed on the back with smaller, delicate items on the front. This will allow your guest to see each piece very clearly.

MPS porcelain products are available in various sizes, starting with the baking dishes, which can be used in any kitchen or buffet with matching the standardization system of containers for professional use. But we are not just talking about Gastronorm.  

Buffet offers, for example, items for composing combinations of textures and colors, such as Ying Yang or Insert Trio, in sizes ranging from 32.5 cm to 50, for any kind of presentation. Vassoi are also perfect for bringing fruit or other containers directly to the table: the sizes available are several, as is every detail of the handles and shapes.

Ying Yang, linea Buffet, la sorpresa di linee complementari

Ying Yang, Buffet line, the surprise of complementary lines. 

Christmas colors at the table

Color is the key element in creating the right atmosphere. When people talk about Christmas, they immediately think of red, white, gold or silver. While it is true that each year proposes a color trend, the desire for tradition and familiarity that characterizes the Christmas season remains unquestionable, especially this year, which sees a slow resumption of normality and will allow people to spend days together, unlike the previous year marked by the pandemic. 

This is the time to play with contrasts and brightness, with the shades of the actual food and those of the plate. Tablecloth and additional table decorations should remain frames of the main course, served in the most over-the-top porcelain. Color layering will add a vibrant visual appearance to the plate and will showcase each course. Each corner of the plate will help create a color palette that will complement an unparalleled presentation.

Linea Ghisa per contrasti sorprendenti a tavola

Ghisa line for surprising contrasts at the table

Innovation or tradition: black and white at the table

We don’t take it for granted that Christmas buffets should present colors such as red and green. Sometimes unexpected choices can make all the difference. Without forgetting consistency, to avoid a confusing effect, why not choose black?

The character of the Ghisa line emphasizes the desire to break with tradition, which can still be the common thread of the entire presentation, recalled for example with ornaments and decorations on the table and in the environment. Not only conceptual but also visual contrasts are created by oval plates, sushi dishes, salad bowls and finger containers that match food in complementary colors. 

Or the rustic effect of Porcelain Ardesia, in shades of dark gray and black, which can give familiarity with a natural elegance. Ardesia plates from MPS Porcellane are available in various sizes to allow the most appropriate choice with regard to the menu idea you want to achieve. Choose from a rectangular or square shape to delight the view of your guests and customers, with all the quality of porcelain. 

Christmas tradition, with Millennium

If you prefer a classic style, Millennium is for you: the items in this line are the perfect balance of romance and functionality, made strictly in white. The brilliance of porcelain will enhance the magic of the holidays on numerous serving plates, cake stands, and bowls. Perfect for matching with gold or silver cutlery, ideal for joining the colors of a red or green centerpiece. 

Porcelain items designed for those who will use them

Natural inspiration, luxurious or fairy-tale, the presentation of dishes for Christmas dinner and lunch will tell the style of the chef and your restaurant. In the pursuit of perfection, the quality of the kitchen and tableware used is essential for guaranteed success. MPS Porcelain products are designed with the people who will use them in mind. 

This is also why we do not offer decorated dishes and tableware specifically for Christmas: the protagonist should not be the container, but the whole food and serving base, to leave space for the creativity of the best Ho.Re.Ca. professionals.