The color that attracts customers for your restaurant: white for tableware and design

Delicatezza e arte sul piatto ovale melody, linea Complementi

Without competing for extraordinary promotions, there are a few simple elements that can make the difference and make a restaurant truly successful: quality and style. The first aspect depends a lot on the cuisine and the chef, as well as impeccable organization, while style is the result of studied and careful choices, starting with the predominant colors in the restaurant. 

When determining the design of a restaurant, color is a key consideration, as it can influence the way people eat. Choosing the right colors for a new restaurant is especially important because it forms the basis of the entire marketing and branding: contributing to the creation of the sophisticated atmosphere are not only classy walls, furniture, and chandeliers, but also every kitchen and tableware item, thus the tableware that will accompany the food prepared in the desired mood. Everything is part of a precisely studied concept.

La luminosità del bianco per articoli oltre la loro funzione basilare

The brightness of white for articles beyond their basic function

The psychology of colors for your restaurant: the meaning of white

Some call it a “non-color,” in fact white reflects and scatters all the colors of the visible spectrum. The fact remains, however, that it is an “achromatic color” with an almost unique peculiarity, along with black: its ability to highlight other colors. Just think of the saying “black on white,” and the reason is soon explained. 

In the Western world, white is generally associated with purity and innocence. Calm, comfort and hope – not coincidentally the color of doctors’ scrubs – and minimalism tell of this hue that can communicate so much in its “absence of color.” 

For the interior design of a restaurant, rather than white, it is perhaps more appropriate to talk about a light color scheme: using only white for every single corner of the room may in fact make the room appear too sterile and empty, no matter how clean and uncluttered it may seem. It is always best to accompany this shade with other colors: a light color scheme is often used to make a small room seem larger than it really is. Also, as seen, light shades evoke a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

From bistros to wedding catering, white is used in a variety of settings to add timeless taste and class. Choosing the best color for your restaurant is a decision that depends on your tastes and goals, but surely a touch of white can never be missed to brighten up the environment, whether it’s a wall or simply the porcelain tableware for serving your menu. 

4 reasons to choose white porcelain tableware

In a contemporary, minimalist design concept for your restaurant and table, white is essential even for what may seem like details. 

White porcelain tableware is a Ho.Re.Ca. classic and the ideal choice when you are looking for timeless and versatile kitchen and tableware. A great investment that also allows you to keep up with trends, putting the food presented at center stage.

In short, if all restaurateurs prefer white porcelain items, there’s a reason, actually 4. 

The versatility of white porcelain tableware

White is a “non-color” that goes with any style of restaurant and presentation. Muted-colored walls, white tablecloths or garish with shimmering flatware: any style looks great with white porcelain tableware. Bright white dishes from the Gastronorm line show off their elegance on a classic restaurant table framed in a romantic landscape, while their simple design featuring standard system sizes blends with the contemporary feel of a trendy buffet.

Oval plates and baskets from the Millenium line complement refined dinners in a timeless classic, and peep out on a poolside table at a catered event that is always attentive to customers’ needs. Indeed, MPS porcelain is ideal for any occasion, with the quality of products made from the finest raw materials and a production process that knows how to enhance their natural characteristics. Strength and beauty, for versatile porcelain items that are allies of all chefs, in every creative moment.

È facile abbinare ogni stile alla semplice estetica ricercata di Gastronorm Gourmet

It’s easy to match any style to the simple, refined aesthetic of Gastronorm Gourmet

Porcelain is easy to clean

One of the advantages of porcelain tableware most appreciated by professionals is its ease of cleaning, resulting from a smooth, non-porous surface, which so much contributes to enhancing the flavors, fragrances and colors of the dishes served in these containers that have always been so unique. This characteristic of porcelain is further accentuated with white: white porcelain items are easier to clean because the food is clearly visible. It may sound trivial, but it is not entirely impossible for a customer to complain about finding a meat residue on a brown or dark dish. If it is true that saffron risotto is exceptionally colorful in the square bowl, Complements line, so also meat finds its indispensable base in the steak plate, Hotel line, in white items where washing is easier and faster, both because food residue is distinctly visible and because porcelain allows safe washing even in the dishwasher.

Appetite comes with eating with white

White porcelain ware for your restaurant makes food look more delicious and appetizing. Restaurateurs prefer white for tableware because it can enhance the colors of ingredients and food presented even more, without blending in with the container, giving a more professional look to the dish. This is another reason why a large proportion of promotional photos and videos feature white tableware: a juicy burger, with the golden brown of the meat, the bright green of the salad, and the vibrant yellow of the cheese, looks its best on a white base. The appetite is stimulated and the customer will want to eat more. Research also shows this: people who use tableware with a color that contrasts sharply with that of the food serve themselves 22 percent more. It is up to the chef, of course, to paint his or her picture of color and taste on the blank canvas provided. The melody oval platter, Complementi line, for example, is a starting point that inspires lines of intertwining sauces in an unparalleled composition of tones and artistic notes. 


Delicatezza e arte sul piatto ovale melody, linea Complementi

Delicacy and art on the melody oval platter, Complementi line

White porcelain items are an excellent investment

Another reason restaurants use white tableware is that it is a good investment. They generally cost less because they are widespread and easier to work with. Porcelain, in particular, rather than ceramic or other materials, may be slightly more expensive to buy, but surely the return will be infinitely superior in the long run. In fact, it is a material that, despite its seemingly delicate aesthetics, stands up to the most intensive professional use, such as MPS porcelain cups, designed to serve coffee, cappuccino, or tea at the right temperature as often as customers feel like it. Porcelain items can be used in the oven, microwave and freezer, after proper cooling if the container is hot. Resistant against chipping and breakage, porcelain dishes and containers last over time, also avoiding waste and discards. In this sense, white porcelain items are truly timeless, not only for their versatility but also for their durability. 

Timeless elegance in modern items: porcelain MPS

The reasons for choosing white porcelain kitchen and tableware can be attributed to the elegance and versatility of items that are not only solid bases for presenting food carefully prepared by chefs. Exalting styles, matching with grace and class in any type of restaurant, white porcelain tableware can be successfully used from the most traditional to the most fashionable venue, in contemporary and trend-telling spaces, or simply in home-style restaurants that want to warmly welcome their guests. White is simple aesthetics, tranquility in the chaos and security in the adventure of a new business that wants to respond to consumer needs. MPS Porcelain offers excellent items for every chef.