The essentials for every type of catering: porcelain tableware

La linea Finger per qualsiasi stile di presentazione

In any type of event or celebration, there is a common element that can always make a difference: the presentation of the menu, all the more for catering companies. Table setting is one of the first factors that defines the atmosphere and serves as the centerpiece of the entire party, whatever the theme. Therefore, the choice of tableware that will accompany the professional on any occasion is extremely important.

La linea Gastronorm si adatta anche agli chafing dish

Gastronorm line also fits chafing dishes

How to choose catering equipment

Whether it is an outdoor wedding or an indoor corporate event, there are certain catering supplies that you cannot do without and therefore need to be versatile and functional. These obviously include tableware, also suitable for chafing dishes, and trays. 

Trends and themes with the versatility of porcelain

Any industry where aesthetics matter is influenced by fashions and trends, and the same is consequently true for catering. While taking this into account, it is always important to choose the right tableware based on the concept or theme of the event you are organizing. If it is a formal corporate event, it will not be necessary to come up with particularly fancy combinations, but aiming for minimal will be the key to success.

For example, finger food is becoming increasingly popular. MPS Porcellane’s Finger line offers perfect containers for small treats served with the elegance of the finest porcelain. Shapes representative of modernity and functional design accompany a wide range of items for every creative whim, never predictable but always without exaggeration. Combinations of black and white flower brighten an understated table, while chair and small cup countersunk cradle refined appetizers.

For a wedding banquet, one can turn instead to vintage, which is always in trend. The Millenium line is a timeless classic, in the untouched beauty of white and shapes reminiscent of the style of a taste that is always authentic and never exaggerated. Delicate fish platters and gourmet creations make a beautiful scene in oval plates and baskets, the colors of seasonal fruit light up in the dedicated bowl, and stands highlight the first actress, the cake. 

What if the event was Christmas? In addition to Millenium, the Barocco line also offers romantic-inspired cues, with prestigious elegance and distinctive features that are characterized together by softness and assertiveness. Round plates, oval or square baskets are the center of attention in a magnificence of lights and colors that warm the heart. 

La linea Finger per qualsiasi stile di presentazione

The Finger line for any presentation style

Porcelain quality and functionality

When it comes to tableware, you should not only consider aesthetics, but also practical requirements. Food serving containers for buffets, trays, and cups are just examples. All items must be of high quality and durable for a truly efficient and satisfying investment.

MPS porcelain items are not only beautiful, but also functional. Among the advantages of this choice is the ability to keep food at the best temperature. That’s not all: the Gastronorm Induction line also allows dishes to be prepared with induction cooking, while the Gastronorm Basic and Gourmet line baking dishes are also perfect for chafing dishes, thanks to standard sizes that easily fit any container. This makes it even easier to serve all the original flavor of the prepared dishes. The strength of porcelain, due in part to its firing process, also allows the question of durability to be disposed of when choosing catering tableware. MPS porcelain products do not chip or break easily. They are strong and stable items that allow for perfect presentation even when the food they contain is challenging. This factor is especially, but obviously not only, useful for trays.

With a specific line, we offer items that not only have the task of transporting and moving finger food courses and containers, but also play a not insignificant aesthetic role for all intents and purposes, with additional decorative use. Rectangular, square and porcelain trays with different sides and handles suit every style, including multiple colors and various sizes. No less important for professionals is an additional feature of our porcelain items: ease of cleaning, thanks to dishwasher-safe and a smooth surface that does not absorb oil or odors. 

I vassoi MPS Porcellane sono resistenti e belli da vedere

MPS Porcelain trays are durable and beautiful to the eye

Toward excellence with MPS porcelain items

It is essential that the food presented matches the tableware and all with the theme and tone of the organized event. This is why when asked “what tableware to choose for catering,” the answer is only one: porcelain, because it offers a thousand and one possibilities. High-quality porcelain items with a refined aesthetic are functional and versatile for all kinds of occasions, from graduation parties to more formal corporate events. What’s more, they are eco-friendly because of their durability that will reduce waste and also because of their origin, with a processing material made of kaolin, quartz and feldspar, originating from nature itself. In this way, for any kind of occasion, you will offer more than just containers for the food you serve: MPS porcelain products complete the style of the party and your creative flair, with a solid and durable foundation to get your aspiration for excellent catering service off the ground.