The importance of the right presentation for your dishes

L’importanza della giusta presentazione per i tuoi piatti

Presenting the dishes on your restaurant’s menu in the best possible way is essential to meeting the increasingly specific needs of customers.

An excellent dining experience is no longer determined only by the taste of the food but also by its presentation, which becomes in its own right one of the factors that determine the success of a restaurant. This is especially true in the age of Instagram and social media, where appearance plays a prevalent role.

The aesthetics of course presentation

Eating is an experience that involves all the senses. Before our mouths have tasted something, our eyes have already judged it. The aesthetic aspect is as important as the taste and that is why taking pictures of food has become a trend that involves everyone, as well as seriously engaging photographers and food-stylists in a professional way. 

Perception is a key aspect of a successful dining experience. As a result, in addition to taste, customers rely on their eyesight to judge the food and whether it is worth spending money even before they taste it. A good presentation of food gives the impression that the dishes served are of high quality and require effort and care in preparation. Otherwise, using the most expensive ingredients and spending hours cooking delicious dishes could lead to not getting the desired result if the presentation that enhances the dish is missing.

Even a research study that compared two identical dishes but served differently shows how food ratings improve with a curated and artistic presentation, influencing expectations. The study also proved that most people are willing to pay more for well-presented dishes because they find them tastier.

L’utilizzo di contrasti crea una presentazione di effetto, linea Ghisa

The use of contrasts creates an impressive presentation, Ghisa line

A beautiful presentation improves the visibility of the restaurant

The presentation of food psychologically communicates the quality of a restaurant. It is an indicator of the level of experience and expertise of the chefs. Poor food presentation reflects a messy kitchen and the impression will also be that the quality of the food is inferior. 

In the age of social media, it’s important that the aesthetics of your restaurant space match the elegance of the presentation of your dishes. A continuum of class and style that will lead customers to appreciate what they see: so they will be more likely to take a photo and post it on Instagram, an opportunity for your restaurant to get noticed by new potential customers and maintain visibility among regulars. People are more likely to share something they appreciate and find visually pleasing. This is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. 

How to present dishes on the table: shapes, colors and sizes

With the presentation of courses, a chef expresses his or her personality. The way you choose to serve food to guests is a form of art: you evaluate textures, colors and tastes to create a culinary masterpiece. Each dish tells a story that customers can read first with their eyes and then with their taste. Excellent food presentation is determined by appropriate and balanced combinations of elements consisting of the food itself, sauces, decorations and garnishes, as well as the container that presents them. It is about symphonies of ingredients that give a touch of quality to the kitchen, making the whole presentation of food not only visually pleasing but also tastier. Let’s find out some elements to consider when making choices about how to present dishes.

How to choose the shape of the table complement

The basis for your creations are the tableware items that best suit your style and the type of food you are serving. Round items are suitable for healthy, hearty foods and evoke an idea of familiarity and tradition, while square or rectangular bases give food an elegant, modern look and can be used to present contemporary desserts or savory foods. Playing with shapes is one of the most exciting parts of presentation, however. You can choose, for example, between the elegant and modern lines of the Hotel line, which offers oval and round porcelain plates, as well as rectangular, square and oval dishes and porcelain salad bowls in different sizes and colors. Or surprise with the Conchiglia line, inspired by nature, to remember the atmosphere of the sea, anytime and anywhere. 

Choose the right size of the tableware

This is another very important factor in food presentation. The size of the item chosen for presentation must be perfect for what is brought to the table: a too small base will make the food look messy, whereas a too large one will give the impression that the portion is too little. In order to choose the right size it is also essential to consider how the food will be arranged: it is better to leave empty spaces, but without giving the idea that there is little food. If you want to serve dishes that are still hot and therefore retain all the flavors, try the Clever line: single-portion porcelain casseroles and pans for a smart and alternative presentation. 

La linea Conchiglia propone forme ispirata al mare

The Conchiglia line offers shapes inspired by the sea

What color to choose for tableware

Choosing a dish color means communicating something different every time. Just as the color of the interior of a restaurant influences the entire atmosphere and the feeling of the dining experience, the colors of the courses are also crucial. Not only those of the food but also of the complement that presents it. White goes with any food, in fact it makes the colors of the course more vibrant and highlights them. While the secret to using colorful plates and items is to choose shades that support and enhance the creation instead of detracting from it. Choosing complementary, i.e. opposite, colors can be a winner: for example, present a red sauce on a green background. You can create contrasts with black, for a truly elegant presentation: the Ghisa line is ideal. To show off your artistic side you can count on the Handpainted line, a tribute to art with unique porcelain pieces where color is the protagonist. 

Combinations of elements

Different types of ingredients should be arranged in different points. The arrangement depends on the shape of the base: if it is round, start from the center, while on rectangular or square supports you can exploit the diagonal lines by adding decorations and sauces, always without exceeding. Match the outlines by playing with the shapes: the Buffet line is innovative and inspires the most creative presentations, with porcelain items with decisive and, at the same time, delicate shapes. 

Ying Yang, linea Buffet, la sorpresa di linee complementari

Combine dishes with sauces and side dishes in a creative way, Buffet line

Porcelain items for the best presentations

Finally, food presentation is all about timing. It makes no sense to offer customers an elegant dish if it is served cold, when it should be warm to release all the flavors mixed with care and attention. In addition to better organizing the time to set and serve the course at the right time without letting it get cold, porcelain complements are definitely useful: their composition in fact allows to maintain the heat of the food for longer than other materials. 

It is with the best porcelain items and dishes that you can enhance and maximize your culinary creations. MPS Porcellane offers a wide range of porcelain products to present as you prefer your dishes, you just have to choose the style. Follow your imagination and free your creativity, we take care of the rest.