The presentation of each type of buffet with MPS porcelain

La porcellana si adatta a qualsiasi tipo di buffet

When people say buffet they usually think of breakfast served in a hotel, but in reality the term is understood rather broadly to include multiple types of service, such as catering, brunch, and appetizers. But let’s go in order, not forgetting some tips for perfectly presenting any type of buffet for any occasion.

La porcellana si adatta a qualsiasi tipo di buffet

Porcelain is suitable for any kind of buffet

What is a buffet and the types by arrangement

Originating in 16th-century France, the buffet continues to be a popular choice for many restaurant patrons. By definition, a buffet is a meal in which guests serve themselves a variety of dishes arranged on a counter. The difference with table service lies precisely in the concept of self-service, which provides for the buffet in particular the choice of the amount of food served. However, there are also buffets that offer a combination of the two services, which is especially popular in ethnic restaurants and steakhouses. 

A buffet can consist of a single long display line with hot and cold dishes, or a set of stations devoted to a particular part of the meal, such as salads, meats, vegetables, or desserts. In most hotels or restaurants, there are essentially three types of buffets, depending on how the food is served:

  1. Seated buffet, the most traditional. As the name suggests the display of food takes place as per definition on a table, and the guest sits down to consume their meals after serving themselves. Usually water, wines, and beverages are brought directly to the table by waiters.
  2. Fork or standing buffet. This type of buffet does not involve seating. In this setting, food should be easy to consume and can be eaten with a fork. For example, rice or pasta are ideal foods for this arrangement. 
  3. Finger buffet. Guests must approach the display to choose food and then sit at the table to consume it for each course. They also get cutlery, sauces and napkins, which are present on the table. The arrangement is similar to that of the traditional buffet, but usually finger foods and appetizers are offered, which do not require much tableware, in addition to the serving containers.

The different themed buffets for a restaurant and how to present them with class

The tradition of buffets, in which diners serve themselves, goes back to the all-you-can-eat concept, which originated in Sweden and is now a full-fledged menu type, especially for Japanese and Chinese restaurants. The Swedish Smörgåsbord, literally “sandwich table,” was designed to allow guests to sample small portions of food, starting with cold seafood appetizers and continuing with sandwiches, meat dishes, and finally desserts. Instead, the first modern buffet restaurant is believed to have originated in Las Vegas casinos, when the owners were looking for a way to offer players the maximum amount of food while reducing the number of staff needed. An ideal solution for providing meals to a large number of people at once, the buffet concept has evolved over the years and is now part of the service of every type of restaurant, offered for different themes.

The breakfast buffet

In hotels and bed & breakfasts, the most common type of serving breakfast to guests is precisely to use a buffet, the so-called international breakfast. Aesthetics in this type of presentation is crucial, not only to say good morning to guests, but to convey all the quality of the cuisine in this one or first meeting point. Pairings and ingredients are very important, as is the functionality with which the various foods offered are arranged. Bread and jam should be placed close together, as should cereal and milk. The presentation of products in a hotel buffet is essential to capture the attention of guests and entice them to choose and consume what is offered. Begin with white, a simple but elegant color that conveys tranquility and brightness, to start a day off right: the square porcelain stand from the Grand Buffet line puts the fragrance of freshly baked brioche on a plane of honor, while the oval basket, Simple line, has the space to neatly gather mouth-watering mono-portions of jams and preserves to spread generously on slices of bread, arranged symmetrically in the oval baking dish, Hotel line, with the right height edges so as not to scatter crumbs and keep order on the table. 

Linea Finger, per piccoli capolavori di creatività

Finger line, for small masterpieces of creativity

Appetizer buffet

Increasingly beloved, aperitifs and happy hours are must-do appointments for those who want to carve out a moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, between work and various schedules. Bars and restaurants are ready to welcome these people to an oasis of delicacies and relaxation, where it only takes two fingers to enjoy bites of gourmet food. This is where the chef’s creativity combined with the elegance of MPS porcelain are at their best. Canapés, crudités, sauces, snacks such as chips and savory snacks are little joys that deserve special attention in presentation. Contrasting textures, innovative flavors find the beauty they deserve in the functional convenience of containers designed especially for finger food. To each his or her drop, hexagon or flower, in the welcome of small cups, spoons or armchairs: these are not puns, but the porcelain items of the Finger line, for the satisfaction of a bite of enchanting fashionable finger food. Hors d’oeuvres and appetizers meet in attractive black and white contrasts, also with a Ghisa finish, to surprise in unexpected innovation. Miniature is the setting for small masterpieces, with a wide range of porcelain products for presenting special finger buffets: bowls of all shapes, pretty stands and original containers for moments in company to remember.

The event buffet, perfect catering

Among the types of buffets for special occasions, weddings, business meetings, anniversaries and holiday parties are perfect situations for a caterer. Professional caterers offer buffet services for precisely these types of events and offer exceptional catering, with attention to detail to make an impression. More or less informal situations involving the arrangement of food on a table, from which guests can serve themselves at will, means never sacrificing aesthetics: taking care of the presentation is essential. Whether it is a traditional buffet or finger food, porcelain is a must-have style choice. The elegance of a classic wedding is perfected by the Millennium line, with oval or round charm stands to foreground treats or the star of the buffet, the cake. In a display in which the savory dominates, Gastronorm, in basic or gourmet versions, take center stage, with classic baking dishes of all sizes, following the standardization system of containers for professional use, for presentations that are sober and, for this reason, always classy. Porcelain trays then cannot be missed for presenting fresh fruit or accompanying finger food containers, for elegant order on any occasion. 

Linea Millenium, per i buffet delle occasioni speciali

Millenium line, for special occasion buffets

Porcelain tableware for the best buffets

Whatever type of buffet your restaurant presents, porcelain is the best choice for a curated and elegant display. MPS porcelain items are not only aesthetically perfect for any occasion, but are the ideal selection because of the advantages this material, together with excellent workmanship, can offer. Heat retention and durability first and foremost, but above all, sturdy containers recommended for professional use. Dishwasher-safe and ICQ-certified quality make MPS Porcellane’s more than 30 product lines the most advantageous solution for caterers looking for excellent tableware for their buffets. Quality is ours, for over 30 years, the creativity of the most innovative buffet is all yours.