The safety of MPS porcelain for food use

La porcellana MPS è sicura per l’utilizzo alimentare, con certificazione ICQ

Among the materials used to make tableware and kitchenware, porcelain takes a place of honor. A material with ancient origins, it has been used to make decorative items, until it reached the versatility that distinguishes it today.

Among the several uses, the culinary one in particular raises the question we will answer in this article: is porcelain safe for cooking?

Porcelain and ceramics: a family of materials

Porcelain is part of the family of ceramic materials that also include earthenware, stoneware and bone china. 

Composed of earthenware mixed with various stones such as kaolin, quartz and feldspar, porcelain is fired at high temperature to make durable and versatile items, which are generally characterized by a white and shiny appearance, able to give elegance and prestige to any kitchen and on different styles of tables. Among the advantages that distinguish this fine material is its high resistance to use and heat, which makes porcelain items perfect for use in the oven and microwave. MPS Porcellane items are also dishwasher safe, making them ideal partners for professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. Ease of cleaning, thanks to a non-porous and smooth surface, and beauty make porcelain pieces icons of style and ideal for any type of preparation, which will maintain the original flavors without alteration.

The advantages of porcelain can also be found in stoneware, with a difference in the final aesthetics of the product, resulting from the mixture that is not necessarily made with fine natural elements, and from the firing temperatures that make the surface less vitrified. Stoneware is also very durable and represents a less formal choice than porcelain, although the “earthy” colors, such as brown and black, that characterize our Stoneware line, can give a touch of elegance in any context. 

Earthenware, a very porous and less durable material, and bone china, made from a mixture of very fine clay and bone ash, complete the ceramic excursus.

Estetica e qualità, in una parola: porcellane MPS

Aesthetics and quality, in a word: porcelain MPS

Is porcelain tableware safe?

Porcelain is a non-toxic material. It can be used to prepare and serve meals without fear of chemical leaching. Since it is an inert and heat stable material, it will not release any chemicals during cooking that could be dangerous to humans. Therefore, using porcelain tableware and items for cooking and serving food will not endanger your health.

Thanks to a single firing of 1300 degrees centigrade or a double firing of 900 degrees centigrade, MPS Porcellane items are guaranteed for use in the oven and microwave. Exposure to direct flame should be avoided, while the Gastronorm Induction line has been designed for induction cooking, to make the most of this innovative method, with all the efficiency advantages that come from combining a perfect material with a growing trend. These include more uniform cooking, thanks to the intrinsic properties of porcelain, and heat maintenance, to serve dishes at the perfect temperature. 

Anche la linea Stoneware può essere utilizzata nel forno e nel microonde

The Stoneware line can also be used in the oven and microwave

Do porcelain items contain lead?

The glazing cover on all MPS porcelain dishes and dinnerware are lead and cadmium free

Lead-based products were first introduced into homes as a material for painting antique furniture. Later, this human-toxic substance was mixed into dinnerware and ceramics to make them shinier. Nowadays there are still some producers of ceramics and porcelain for food which, following the European laws, use these materials in the mixture, even though in minimum quantities, that is in order not to cause damages to people’s health. 

It is always recommended to use vitrified porcelain, such as those proposed by MPS, and in case of the presence of decorations or glazes, check with the manufacturer the actual quality of the material and its suitability for food use. It is also recommended to pay attention to old products, such as dishes handed down from generation to generation, and imported from abroad, as the controls of years ago may not be as stringent as the current ones.

La porcellana MPS è sicura per l’utilizzo alimentare, con certificazione ICQ

MPS porcelain is safe for food use, with ICQ certification

The safety of MPS porcelain items

Porcelain presents little, if any, risk to a person’s health. Porcelain can be safely used for food use. However, it is useful to pay attention to the origin of the item: some risks could come, for example, from excessive decorations, which may contain lead, and ruined glaze covering. The first reason is however not enough to conclude that the product is toxic: it is important to evaluate the origin of the item and therefore rely on certified companies with a history of quality behind. 

MPS Porcellane cares about the quality of raw materials and all our products are subject to constant analytical controls. All producers of ceramics intended for food use are required to register as Economic Operators (OE) with communication to the competent health authority of the start of production, processing and distribution of materials and objects MOCA, “Materials and Objects intended to come into contact with food”. Our company can also be proud of the certification of suitability of ICQ, one of the most important certification institutes that deals with chemical and microbiological analysis in various fields. 

Our philosophy is to offer all our customers the best products, without compromises: when quality meets creativity MPS porcelain items are born, safe to use and perfect bases for the most ingenious culinary presentations.