What are the best pizza serving dishes? Discover the MPS pizza plates

Whether it is eaten on special occasions or not, pizza is surely among the favorite foods of Italians, and not only. We consume more than 8 million of them a day, reaching 8 kg per head per year, whereas Americans even reach 13 kg per head. Back in Italy, 60% of consumers eat pizza at least once a week and 15% even more times. The Italians’ favorite pizza is Margherita, with 35% of the total vote. 

Everyone has their own tastes and recently we have seen even the strangest combinations to complete this delight, but there is one thing that brings everyone together: you need the right presentation, which allows you to maximize simple ingredients, mixed in the most delicious and tasty recipe.

The advantages of porcelain pizza plates for serving the best pizza

The fragrance of a good pizza doesn’t only depend on its preparation and cooking. Even the dishes used to serve it make a difference: bringing a fragrant pizza to the table on a dedicated plate makes everything more professional and gives an extra touch to the presentation, winking at the aesthetics. 

The pizza plate, Ghisa line, enhances the colors of your presentations

First of all dimensions: the perfect pizza, according to some researches, has a diameter of 35 centimeters. There are other interpretations and every chef creates his or her own standards. The fact remains that a pizza cannot be presented in a dish which is too small, with the risk of seeing the crust overflowing, or having to cut it in order to make it fit in the edges, ruining the presentation. In the same way, a plate that is too big risks not to exalt the preparation and diminish the aesthetic and effective taste of the pizza. This is why pizza plates are ideal for serving the best pizzas in the right way, no matter what kind they are.

Whatever the presentation of the pizza, the plate that contains it must be resistant, not only to breakage, but especially to scratches. Just think about cutting the slices: the pizza cutter or the knife will end up scratching and ruining the base if the material used for the pizza plate is not of excellent quality. This is why porcelain, with its strength and durability, is ideal for a professional and strong pizza plate. In addition, the smooth and non-porous surface does not absorb the flavors of the food, allowing you to enjoy the taste of an excellent pizza, without altering its flavor. 

MPS Porcelain Pizza Plates: Complementi and Ghisa lines

MPS Porcellane offers different styles: the choice of the most suitable pizza plate depends on the chef’s needs. The Complementi line, essential and complete, offers a selection of dishes that are refined in their simplicity. The lines are decisive and soft for the handle, revealing the study of a design built for practicality, without neglecting the elegance of colors and shapes. The round pizza plate is available in diameters 31, 36 and 38 centimeters. Thanks to a specific workmanship, with a groove close to the edge, it can perfectly hold the softest and most seasoned pizzas. 

The round pizza plate, Complementi line

Not only round: the rectangular pizza plate is designed for those who prefer to prepare a pizza with alternative shapes and sizes. Available in the dimensions 56 x 38 centimeters, it can also be used to present a pizza by slice or cut. Also this plate, in the most resistant porcelain, has a raised edge to facilitate the presentation. The elegance of the white of the porcelain pizza plates brings out the bright color of the flavors of the pizza: the tricolor of the Margherita pizza or the shades of yellow of the 4 stagioni pizza match perfectly with a neutral shade.

The rectangular pizza plate, Complementi line

On the other hand, if creativity in the kitchen is your strong point, the Ghisa line will be your favorite option. A twist given by the black color that characterizes these items, made of porcelain but with a variegated finish that makes it more resistant to heat and gives a powerful artistic touch to your presentations. The pizza plate of the Ghisa line is available in diameters 36 and 38 centimeters and, as with the white porcelain versions, has a raised edge to better hold the pizza. 

The versatility of porcelain pizza plates

Porcelain pizza plates can be used in the oven and microwave, as well as, after cooling, in the freezer. Other advantages of porcelain plates include heat retention: serving a pizza on MPS pizza plates will help preserve all the flavor of a freshly baked culinary masterpiece. Plus, they’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe

The styles of our porcelain pizza plates are suitable for all types of tables and can satisfy any aesthetic taste, while maintaining the impeccable quality of Made in Italy products.

Enhance your pizza, with the best presentation plates.