Not just porcelain: the materials offered by MPS for exceptional tableware

Handware è una linea innovativa, adatta a qualsiasi stile di presentazione

Choosing the right tableware for your catering business can be difficult as there are many options, some of which may seem at first glance to be very similar in price, durability and presentation. However, as you carefully evaluate the different solutions, you will find that each feature of each material will be able to meet all your needs.

The selection of kitchen and tableware for a restaurant starts with the evaluation of the material, but goes through other factors, such as the style sought for the restaurant environment and specific features that can help improve the dining experience for customers. Eating is no longer just a functional action, but becomes an engaging aspect of people’s daily lives, who are increasingly demanding and detail-oriented. Always remember that the first impression is the one that counts; you will only get one first chance to make your mark.

Choosing the best material for restaurant tableware

When purchasing tableware for a new restaurant or wanting to revisit the style of an established business, the owner will be faced with a wide variety of materials to choose from. Porcelain, stoneware, cast iron, and slate are quality options, with characteristics that are partly similar and yet different at the same time.

Porcelain: the most versatile choice

Porcelain, unlike other ceramic materials (such as earthenware or stoneware), has a nonporous texture, which makes it waterproof. This means it will not handle water or grease, leaving, first of all, the flavors and textures of food prepared and served in porcelain containers intact, and also facilitates cleaning, with a nonstick surface. Due to their hardness characteristics, MPS porcelain pieces can be washed frequently and are also very scratch-resistant, so when opening a restaurant, opting for porcelain dinnerware is an excellent choice. This material is the ideal solution for heavy use, with porcelain items also being able to be used in the oven, microwave and freezer after proper cooling. The durability of porcelain makes it an optimal investment due to its strength and elegance. 

MPS Porcellane creates items that combine an ancient candor of beauty with the contemporary choices of the most fashionable professionals. One example of our solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding chefs is the Handware line: an elegant alternative to traditional tableware, it is designed keeping in mind the new habits of customers. Plates, stands, and bowls fit comfortably in one hand for buffet or quick consumption, but still allowing you to savor the taste of dishes designed with passion and precision. The classic is renewed with the Millenium line, with items with romantic and timeless lines, yet so original and contemporary with their ability to blend into any presentation style, even the most contemporary. Wavy sides embellished with enveloping movements welcome food without ever affecting it in oval baskets, round plates, fish plates, cake plates and all shapes. The choice of stands then completes an evergreen line.

Handware è una linea innovativa, adatta a qualsiasi stile di presentazione

Handware is an innovative line, suitable for any style of presentation

The welcoming of stoneware

Another type of fired ceramic tableware, stoneware is more durable than earthenware because glassy material is added to the clay processing. Thicker and composed of less fine material than porcelain, the items in MPS’s Stoneware line nevertheless retain all its advantages. The difference from porcelain, which is more valuable, similarly concerns the composition, which is less vitrified, and the firing temperature, which is lower for stoneware. These differences are reflected in the most obvious aspect, namely the aesthetics, which is reminiscent, as its name in English “stone”.

Usable in the oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, stoneware items are typically used in more informal restaurants, but also by more elegant establishments that seek to convey warmth and familiarity with pieces and presentations that have a more rustic character. In fact, the colors available for pans, bowls, casseroles, cake pans, and fondue dishes are more traditional and reminiscent of the classic hearth with shades of brown and caramel, for a modern table embellished with old-fashioned flavors, or for serving elegant classicism. Like porcelain, moreover, products in the Stoneware line retain heat, so that food is always presented at the perfect temperature. 

La linea Stoneware costudisce piatti tradizionali con un tocco di contemporaneità

Stoneware line constitutes traditional dishes with a contemporary touch

Cast iron, in a light version

Cast iron is a ferrous material, certainly durable but heavy and, particularly in kitchenware versions, not very easy to handle. Not to mention maintenance, which also requires pre-seasoning to achieve a non-sticky surface. With the Ghisa line, MPS Porcellane adds an extra touch to the table of chefs who want to surprise their customers, with out-of-the-ordinary presentations. The “cons” of cast iron as a material are eliminated by lighter items that are easy to stack and use, even in sizes that meet the standard system of containers for professional use with gastronorm baking dishes.

The Ghisa line includes pieces in feldspathic porcelain but with a variegated finish that makes it as unique and durable as the black material from which it draws inspiration to unite with the beauty of porcelain. Opaque items, strictly black in color, ranging from practical baking dishes to finger food containers without neglecting sushi dishes, specific fish and pizza dishes, as well as pans and salad bowls. Opposites attract: iron consistency and apparent fragility give birth to products that are ideal for classic and modern restaurants, with settings that are always incomparable thanks to the surprise of unusual complements in their charming rough elegance. 

Sorprendi e sorprenditi in creazioni insolite, con la linea Ghisa

Surprise and surprise yourself in unusual creations, with the Ghisa line

The natural elegance of slate

Naturally mined, like the other materials presented, slate comes from a metamorphosis of clay, volcanic ash and shale. It is the material that made famous a well-known Ligurian locality, Cavi di Lavagna, and is precisely used to make school slates. The mineral composition of this material gives items made from it a naturally gray, light to dark color. Used in the most elegant furniture, it also finds a place in the kitchen. MPS Porcellane chose to make the Porcelain Ardesia line to allow chefs to bring all the raw but natural style of slate-effect porcelain items to the table.

Strong, durable and completely nontoxic, plates, trays and stands crowd the tables and kitchens of restaurateurs who seek class and durability. Unlike classic slate, MPS Porcellane products are non-porous and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for professional use. In fact, they present all the benefits of porcelain, as well as a natural rustic beauty. Cooks and chefs can have fun creating contrasts on dark-colored bases with light-colored foods, or vice versa, letting the whimsy of unusual combinations guide them.

Eleganza naturale con il grigio scuro della linea Porcellana ardesia

Natural elegance with the dark gray of the Porcelain Ardesia line

Quality tableware for every style: MPS is the solution

All of MPS Porcellane’s products, whether they are made of pure porcelain, stoneware, feature slate effects or cast iron finishes, are designed and expertly crafted through manual and computerized processes to offer only quality pieces, certified by constant inspections and by ICQ, Institute of Quality Control, among the best known in the industry. When you can count on the best materials, selecting styles and types of tableware is easier, and with MPS, you are spoiled for choice. Discover a wide range of designs, with different sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Whatever your decision, we are your ideal partner because we are inspired by you to create solutions that are always in step with the times, in fact, ahead of them. Express your style, MPS Porcelain takes care of the quality.